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  • How Find and Buy Cable Machinery From China?

    Max Xu Recommend You The Best Cable Machinery Manufacturer In China

    Max Xu - Cable machinery expert in China

    Who is Max Xu?

    • Max Xu is expert in the importing process for your cable Machinery.
    • Max Xu provides the best purchasing solution for any sort of cable machinery from China.
    • Max Xu use their connections with different cable cable machinery manufacturers in China.
    • Max Xu has a professional technical team and many years of export experience.
    • Max Xu can get the most competitive price and comprehensive technical information.
    • Max Xu provides high-quality after-sales service, including setting up factories, purchasing, export customs clearance, etc.
  • What Cable Machinery Max Xu Recommend?


    Galvanized and Ungalvanized wires Cable Tubular Stranding Machine from China

    Galvanized and Ungalvanized wires Cable Tubular Stranding Machine from China

    If you are looking for tubular stranding machine of galvanized and Ungalvanized wires, and there are a large number of manufacturers in China, Max Xu can recommend the highest quality manufacturers and products to you.

    Copper and Aluminum wires&Cable Rigid Frame Stranding Machine from China

    Copper and Aluminum wires&Cable Rigid Frame Stranding Machine from China

    As the most widely used stranding machine, rigid frame stranding machine can strangle 1-400 square copper wire or aluminum wire, or steel wire. Among them, the quality of the machine becomes the most important factor, which can ensure the long-term practicality of the machine and save the production cost.

    Steel wire&Insulated wires Planetary Stranding Machine from China

    Steel wire&Insulated wires Planetary Stranding Machine from China

    Planetary stranding machine requires a very high level of technology, and the cost of the machine is also very high. The main standard to measure this machine is the untwisting function and the structure of the stranding cage, which has reached the process requirements of special wire rod. At the same time, many wire rope enterprises have bought this machine to replace the high cost wire rope stranding equipment in order to save costs.

    Insulated wires&Cable Laying-up Machine from China

    Insulated Wires&Cable Laying-up Machine from China

    If you are looking for steady cable laying-up machine, Chinese supplier is one of the most recommended supplier. Chinese suppliers offered excellent machines like steady cable laying-up machine and they make sure that all of these are well tested before supplying to their clients.

    Insulated Sheath Cable Extrusion Line Machine from China

    Insulated Sheath Cable Extrusion Line Machine from China

    The cable extrusion line machine mainly produces the inner and outer insulation layer of the cable. Although the value of the machine is not high and the structure is simple, it plays an important role in the quality of the cable. There are a large number of suppliers who produce this kind of machine in China. They must directly distinguish the good or bad.

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  • Purchsing Cable Machinery from China: The Definitive Guide

    How to Find and Buying cable machinery from China?

    Infrastructure improvement is an important project to improve people's livelihood, and no country has completed the important work of development and employment. As an important livelihood project, cable and wire play an important role in the field of infrastructure construction. At the same time, with the advent of the network era, the demand for communication equipment is further increased. Cables and wires are bridges connecting various infrastructures. The cable machinery is the main machine for the production of cable and wire, and the future development prospect is very good. How can customers find the most suitable machine among a large number of suppliers in China?

    1. What is cable machinery and what is its main purpose? Cable machinery is divided into many types, different wires use different machines. Here we mainly show three important machines.

    The first is, for example, the copper rod is made of the most original copper material through processing. The copper rod stretches the copper rod with a very thick diameter into a very thin copper wire through a wire drawing machine. Here, a wire drawing machine is needed.

    The second type of stranding machine. Customers can purchase copper wire by themselves, and they don't need to purchase copper rod through wire drawing machine processing, which can save a lot of capital investment. The main purpose of the stranding equipment is to wind the copper wires together, which is also the process with the highest requirements for the wire technology. Different numbers of copper wires represent different cable models. For example, ACSR, AAC, etc. are composed of different copper wires, aluminum wires and steel wires.

    The third is cable extruder, which is mainly used to cover a layer of insulation layer on the outside of copper wire. Although the price of this kind of machine is relatively low and the manufacturing process is simple, the customers need a lot of debugging after receiving the products, and it is easy to be damaged, because the processing process is to dissolve rubber or plastic through heat conduction, and then wrap it on the wire, among which several parts of the extruder are seriously damaged. In this way, it is also difficult for customers to choose high-quality machines.

    2. How to find and quality suppliers? Customers are mainly looking for suppliers through the network, but they are not able to fully understand the strength and technology of the factory. There are a large number of suppliers in China. How to distinguish them? Choose a manufacturer with a long history. Because of its long history, the factory has accumulated a lot of experience in production and processing. Both the technology and appearance of products have been improved with the accumulation of time. It is suggested that customers visit the project, because only when they see the scale of the factory can they know the real strength of the supplier, and they can further discuss the details of the products with the factory. In addition, if you don't know much about wire rod and machinery, it's also a good choice to find a trader specializing in cable machinery in China. They have a large number of resources, and understand the advantages and disadvantages of domestic factories, and can get more favorable prices, and play a direct buffer role in customers and suppliers. After sales service is also decisive.

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