• High Speed Bunching Machine

    Single&Double Twisting Machine

    Cantilever Single&Cabling Machine from Ningbo Capstian Technolgy Co.,Ltd

    Cantilever Single&Cabling Machine


    Suitable for bare wires, power wires PE or PVC coated wire stranding/twisting.
    Equipment Features:
    1) This machine is specialized designed to manufacture high quality control cable and power cable stranding equipment. It refers to the advanced cabler technology home and abroad, combines with the wire and cable manufacturing situation in China and redesign.
    It is composed of payoff, binder, taping machine, wire gathering device, center taping machine, wire clamp head, meter counter, single standing main machine, electrical control box etc.
    2) This machine adopts PLC program control, with external capstan wheel, to ensure stable stranding pitch. There are hydraulic driver and electromagnet brake makes machine stops steadily and rapidly. Cantilever wire traverse adopts external traverse to avoid scratch.
    No need to adjust guide wheel for S/Z stranding, just to set on touch screen.

    Model: 500/630/1000/1250 Double Twister(Wire Buncher) from Ningbo Capstian Technolgy Co.,Ltd
    Double Twister(Wire Buncher)

    Model: 500/630/1000/1250

    Suitable for twisting multi-strand copper wire,copper clad aluminum wire,copper clad steel wire,tin-plated wire, sliver-plated copper wire. and multi insulated core cabling,etc
    Equipment Features:
    It is easy to make and easy to control the quality of the wire. It is the preferred wire stranding equipment in the cable industry. PLC automatic control pitch, automatic tension, high speed,etc

  • 1250 DTB Machine Video

    1250mm wire buncher + 7 pay-offs

    Model: 1250mm

    Suitable for copper wire and PVC insulated wire or aluminium wire below 7-19-37-61 strands conductor to concentric twisting, mainly used for copper section 16-300mm, aluminum section 16-400mm.

    650+515 pair twister + 515 back-twister machine from Ningbo Capstian Technolgy Co.,Ltd

    Pair twister+ Back Twister

    Model: 650+515

    650 High speed double twisting machine


    Double-twist high-speed stranding machine for stranding of multi-strand copper wire, tinned
    wire, enameled wire, nickel-plated wire, copper clad aluminum.

    515 double head Horizontal Backtwist pay-off machine


    This machine is mainly used for pair twisting of category 5 and category 6 high-frequency
    data cables, so that the positions of the insulated core wires during the pairing are staggered
    and balanced, and the torsion force during the pairing is overcome, so that the high-speed
    pattern, uniform quality and uniform pitch , Accurate pitch, suitable for synchronous
    untwisting of high-frequency power systems.

    800Buncher For 19 strands concentric stranded copper cables from 14 AWG to 6 AWG from Ningbo Capstian Technolgy Co.,Ltd

    800Buncher For 19 strands concentric stranded copper cables from 14 AWG to 6 AWG

    Model: 800 Buncher + 10 set active double reel pay-off


    It is suitable for stranding more than 19 bare copper, aluminum, core wires, electronic wires, power wires, network wires, etc.

    2.Main Components

    Φ630mm Double bobbins active pay-off:10 units

    1+6+12 distribute wire plate:1 unit

    Φ800 Buncher:1 unit

    Electric control system:1 unit

    380-440V 50-60Hz, 3 phase, 5wire, single phase 240V

  • Pay-off for Buncher Machine

    Various accessories of wire bunching machine

    630mm Active pay-off for buncher machine

    630mm Active pay-off

    • Pay-off reel size: 630mm
    • Number of bobbins: 2 bobbins per pay-off,
    • Input wire range: 0.08mm to 1.2mm
    630mm passive pay-off for buncer machine

    630mm passive pay-off

    • Bobbin size: Φ630mm
    • Automatically adjusts speed
    • Magnetic powder control
     passive pay-off for buncer machine

    Passive or active pay off

    • Bobbin size: Φ125-250mm
    • stopped automatically 
    • spring type tension gun control
    • 7 to 160 wire reel 
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