• Drum Twister Line

    High Speed Drum Twister Line for Big Cross-section Cable.

  • Technical Parameter of Drum Type Laying-up Machine

    Applications of  

    drum twister technical parameter from Ningbo Capstian Technolgy Co.,Ltd


    The Drum Twister line is used for Laying-up of low and high voltage cables both circular / sector either Aluminium or Copper material. It can also be used for round Wire Armouring.


    Pay-offs: Fork or disc type.Sector corrector and formation blocks.

    Longitudinal tapes of semiconductor tape (Milliken type).

    Straighteners for steel wires when Armoring.

    Metallic and non-metallic taping heads.

    Rotating caterpillars for pulling capacities up to 10 Ton.

    Take-ups in fork or disc type. Bobbin. Dia. up to 5 m and 50 Ton.

  • Layout of drum type Laying-up Machine from ningbo capstian tech

    Layout of Drum Twisters from 1600 to 4000mm

    Drum twister is an important device for stranding wires and cables which is mainly used for stranding large-length and large-section power cables and milliken conductors. It can also be armored with steel wire or steel tape, or shielded with copper wire or copper tape.

  • Main Component

    | Rotating Pay-off | Guiding Unit | Assembling Roller | Steel Wire Pay-off Stand |  

    | Filling Stand | Armouring Head | Die Holder | Taping Head | Rotating Caterpillar | Drum Type Take-up |  

    |Electrical Control System | Transmission System |

  • Running Work Video of Drum Twister Cabling Machine

    Competitive Advantages

    This drum twister adds the centralized pay-off rack to shorten the total length of the production line andreduce the factory investment for the clients.

    Excellent production technology ensures the high speed rotation of the twisting head3. The cable making machine is driven by a separate motor. lt is of high automation.

  • The Model of Drum Twister

    Drum Type Laying-up Lachine For Stranding Large Round and Section Cable

    product image
    2500mm Power Cables Armoring Lay Up Machine Drum Twister Machine
    product image
    Крутильная машина общей скрутки типа Драм-твистер
    product image
    1 x 2000 + 4 X 1600—PN2500 Drum twister Laying-up Machine
    product image
    4xPN2000-PN3150 Large Cross-section Cable Drum Twister
    product image
    5 x1250mm Pay-off 2500mm Granty Take-up Drum Twister Machine
    product image
    PN1600X3 Pay-offs-PN3150 Take-up Drum Twister With Steel Wire Armouring
    product image
    Cable Laying up Machine JPD-1800 Drum type Twister
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