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How to Building a New Factory For Small Wiring Cable And Control Cable?

1-6 squre mm control cable build plant project.

1. What is a control cable?

Control cables are multi-conductor cables used in automation and instrumentation applications. Control cables can measure and regulate transmissions of automated processes. Control cables are often UL rated. Control cables typically are shielded with a foil shield, braid shield or combination of the two.

2. Wire range:

  • WIRING CABLE:1 to 5 cores,0.5—6mm²
  • WIRING CABLE:1to 5 cores,1.5- 16mm²
  • CONTROL CABLE 2 to 19 cores, 0.20—6 mm²
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3. Conductor drawing process:

  • 450/13 Copper rod big drawing machine:1 set
  • 450/13 Aluminum rod big drawing machine: 1set
  • 17 Dies Chain Type Intermediate Copper Wire Drawing Machine With Annealing Device: 2 set
  • 24 Dies Fine Wire Drawing Machine With Dual Take Up And with Annealing Device: 2 set.
Conductor drawing process for control cable

Note: Due to the limited investment of customers producing small control cables, we do not recommend purchasing wire drawing machines directly. Instead of purchasing raw materials such as copper rods for self processing, we can purchase copper or aluminum wires first.

The advantage of this is that customers can directly use copper aluminum wire for the next step of production, in order to quickly produce finished product lines and achieve the goal of rapid sales.

4. Conductor stranding process:

  • JGG-500/1+5 tubular stranding machine:1 set, main stranding 1.0-5.0mm conductor, max reach 35mm2.
  • 630mm PLC high speed bunching machine with 56heads pay off: 1 set, main stranding thin conductor from 0.5 to 6mm2.
  • 800mm PLC high speed bunching machine with 7-19 heads pay off with taping device: 1set, main stranding 7-19 core insulation wire.
Conductor stranding process for control cable


Note: Customers can choose more formal stranding equipment when stranding insulated wires: Planetary stranding machine 1+6+12, which has higher stranding quality than 800 bunching machine, but the cost is more expensive.

5. Wire insulation layer extruding process:

  • 50 extruder machine line:1 set
  • 70 extruder line with 630mm plus 1250 pay off, and 630mm plus 1600mm take up: 1 set
Wire insulation layer extruding process

Note: Customers can choose a higher speed machine, such as 70+35 or 50+35, And it can complete cable packaging and other processes.

6. Number of wire reels required for factory machinery and packaging:

  • PN500mm steel reel:100pcs
  • PN630mm steel reel:50pcs
  • PN800mm steel reel:30pcs
  • PN1250mm steel reel:15pcs
  • PN1600mm steel reel: 5 pcs

7. Cable rewinding machine:

  • 500-630 cable rewinding machine, main use for winding wire from one bobbin to other bobbins.
Cable rewinding machine for control cable


9. Other test quality machine:

  • digital conductor DC resistance measurer;
  • 500N PVC testing machine;
  • Micro-projector;
  • Insulation resistance measurer machine;
  • 6KV high voltage spark testing machine;
  • Digital micro meter; Digital caliper;
  • Security use metal search scanner;
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