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What kind of cable laying machine for you cable production?

Different cable laying-up machine suitable for different cable manufacture.

What kind of cable laying machine for you cable production?

In daily production, such as power cables, control cables, signal cables, plastic cables, rubber sheathed cables, and other products, many producers do not know which cable laying equipment is suitable for their own insulation wires. Because the models and capabilities of cabling machines are different. At the same time, we hope to buy more affordable and high-performance machines, so we need to understand the application range of various cable laying machines. Below, Max Xu will briefly introduce the main centralized cabling equipment:

The main categories of cable laying machines are as follows:

  • Cradle cable laying-up machine.
  • Planetary type laying-up machine.
  • Bow type laying-up machine.
  • Wire bunching machine or wire buncher
  • Cantilever type laying-up machine
  • Drum type laying-up machine
cable core laying machine from Max Xu


How do we choose the appropriate cable laying machine in actual production?

1.Cradle cable laying-up machine:

The machine is mainly used for cabling 3 to 7 core wires, it manufactures both back-twist round cable and sector shaped cables without back-twist, also this type machine can be used for telephone cable, control cable, main cable, plastic cable and crosslinked cables, non-metal wrapping and metal armoring could be done at the same time with stranding.


technical sheet for cable laying-up equipment from Max Xu

Note: The most commonly used model for this machine is the 1250mm, which is generally used by most customers to meet a wide range of production requirement, especially in areas such as 3x95+95 to 3x240+150. So the cable cross-section exceeds 95 square millimeters, which is the best choice. also if you want to cabling section(fan-shape) cable, it must use this machine.

2. Planetary type laying-up machine:

Its actual use is for steel wire armor, steel wire rope, shielding, etc. But many customers use it to produce twisted fiber optic cables and control cables. The main feature of this machine is that it can complete the stranding of multi-core insulated wires. like 1+6+12+18 structure. Although the speed is only 70-120 RPM, the quality of stranding is the highest.

Note: planetary stranding machine is high cost.

3. Bow type laying-up machine:

Some people call it BOW TWISTER LINE, but in reality, its main sales model is 1250mm, working with back twist movement to lay up from 2 to 6 cores of ABC aerial cables, control cable or power cable.

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Note: The bow type laying-up machine has a much faster speed compared to traditional cradle cable laying machines, with a rotation speed of up to 200rpm. Due to the characteristics of the bow strander, it is not suitable for thicker cables. Generally suitable for stranding ABC wires below 95 square millimeters.

4. Wire bunching machine:

There are many names for it, such as bow type bunching machine, bow cable laying machine, double stranding machine, etc. Many South American customers are very fond of this machine because of its wide range of applications, Special use for aluminum and copper round compacted conductor.

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Note: It is generally used for cables below 50 square millimeters, but this machine has some drawbacks. Twisted conductors or insulated wires are best made of flexible wires and do not have untwisting function. The quality of the twisted wires is not high, and they become irregular twisted in the industry.

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5. Cantilever type laying-up machine:

It suitable for control cable, communication cable, data cable, coaxial cable core wire and PE/PVC coated and center wrapping.

In fact, its function is similar to that of a wire bunching machine, only it call single twisting machine but except that most of it is used for stranding insulated wires with small square meters, and the price is low, and there is also a strong market demand for it.

6. Drum Type laying-up machine:

The Drum twister is used for cabling the multi core, rubber cables, plastic power cables, telephone cables, control cables, PVC cables, XLPE cables with or without steel armouring, mining cables, low and medium low voltage power cables.stranding the round cables, sector shaped cables with back twist or without back twist.

Note: This machine is used for large square meter cabling. In fact, it is a collection of cable laying equipment, including non-metallic wrapping, steel tape wrapping, steel wire shielding/armouring, copper wire shielding, etc. However, the price of the machine is very high, and it is generally worth purchasing from large factories. Moreover, there are not many enterprises in China that manufacture this capability, and the market is small.


In summary, due to the subtle differences in manufacturing processes in each country, customers have different references when selecting machines and purchase machines based on actual production needs.


If you have any questions about cable stranding equipment, you can discuss them with Max Xu. We will answer them carefully and welcome inquiries.