• Bow Type Stranding Machine

    High Speed Bow Twister for ABC or aerial cable.

  • Bow Type Laying- up Machine and Skip Stranding Machine

    Professional for ABC cable production

    Fast Rotation Machine Skip Strander 630/1+6 Bobbin 1008rpm

    Small cross section insulated wire or ACSR cable. Max rotating speed is 1100r/min.

    1250/3B Bow type Strander 160rpm With Pneumatic Break
    Bow Type Laying-up Machine

    Max 160r/min for upto 120mm2 aerial cable.

    1250/3B Bow type Strander 160rpm With Pneumatic Break

    Independent Motor Driving

    Each stranding cage, haul-off and take-up drive by individual motor


  • Technical Parameter of Bow Twister Line

    Application of Bow Type Laying-up Machine and Skip Strander

    bow twister technical parameter from Capstian technology

    High speed bow type skip stranding machine working with 100% back twist movement,designed to work with 7 rounds and compact copper or aluminum conductors.
    bow made by special steel.


    BOW TYPE LAYING UP STRANDER APPLICATION 2:It is specially designed for the stranding ofcopper, aluminum, and aluminum alloyconductors and for the laying-up of insulatedcores.

  • Layout of Bow Type Laying-up Machine of ningbo capstian tech

    Layout of Bow Strander Line



    Single core insulation diameter:6-20mm

    Twisted wire diameter: 60 mm

    Laying pitch: 200-1500mm stepless adjust on PLC

    Caterpillar force: 1250kg

    Pay off bobbin: PN1250

    Take up bobbin: PN1250-PN2500

  • Main Component

    | Central Pay-off | Stranding Cage | Closing wire holder | Non-metallic taping machine |  
    | Filling Device | Pneumatic Caterpillar |  Capstan | Take-up with Traverse | Electrical Control System |  
    | Transmission System   | Safety Cover Fence | 
  • Running Work Video of Bow Stranding Machine

    Max rotating speed can reach 160r/min.

    Pitch infinite adjustment on PLC.

    All Siemens motor,Schneider eletric,

    Inovance inverter. Siemens PLC, HMI.

    NSK,FAG,SKF,HRB bearing for choose.

    This Bow Cabler is suitable for the assembly of bare and/or insulated conductors. This machine is further used in conjunction with the Tubular Strander/Cabler in reverse concentric-lay Cabling, EM Armouring and OPGW Stranding. The Bow Cabler pay-offs wires successively through a series of rotating bow. Therefore Bow cabler is working with 100% backtwist movement.

  • Running Work Video of Skip Strander Line

    There are two configurations to choose from, 1+3 and 1+6, with valve core flange diameters ranging from 500mm to 630mm

    The machine is installed on a single/multiple frame with high stiffness levels to achieve high-speed operation and simple installation procedures.

    A high resistance bow made of composite materials can achieve high-speed operation.

    The guide and offset design of wires/strands allows for very smooth channels.

    Payoff spools loaded on brackets equipped with anti tilting devices.

    Automatic tension adjustment system after precise unwinding.

    Wire/strand breakage/end detector for each pay-off device.

    Pneumatic pivot with safety locking system/control device.

    Automatic lubrication device for bearings and transmission lubrication.

  • The Model of Bow Stranding Machine

    Insulate Wire,Steel Wire Stranding and Cabling

    product image
    Skip/Bow Type Cabling Machine 1000/1+6
    product image
    Линии скрутки бугельного типа 1+3/1+4/1+5/1+6/800/1000/1250
    product image
    Bow Type Stranding Machines 1250/1+3 Individual Motor Driving
    product image
    Bow Type Laying Up Machine - Cable Twister 1250/1+5 Bobbin
    product image
    1600/1+3 Bow Type laying up Machine stranding machine twisting machine
  • FAQ

    Questions of Bow Twister in acture cable wire production

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