• High speed rigid stranding machine for Cu, Aluminum conductor, also copper shielding,etc

  • Different Driving Form and Loading System

    According the cost and usage in actual cable production, the rigid strander have multiple models

    independent motor driving rigid stranding machine of Ningbo Capstian Technolgy Co.,Ltd

    New Independent or Separate

    Motor Driving.

    Each stranding cage, haul-off and take-up drives by individual motors

     Automatic side bottom Load and Unload Rigid Strander Line

    Side Bottom Automtic Loading System.

    Side 45 degree Integral hydraulic type loading bobbin control

    500/1+6+12+18+24+30+36B Rigid Frame Stranding Machine with manual loading system

    Manual Single Loading


    Use trolley or crane tool to loading bobbin one by boe

    630/6+12+18+24 Spool Rigid Frame Strander With Side Load Bobbin System

    Horizontal Side Loading System

    Level ground Integral hydraulic type loading bobbin control 

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    Layout of Rigid Strander Line


    JLK-630/1+6+12+18+24 Rigid stranding machine with automatic loading bobbin system and individual motor driving type.

  • Technical Parameter of Rigid Frame Strander

    Application of Rigid Strander

     rigid stranding machine technical parameter Ningbo Capstian Technolgy Co.,Ltd

    The Rigid Strander/Cabler is suitable for the concentric assembly of: Stranded conductors for low, medium and high voltage
    applications, Cabling insulated conductors for control cables, Screened power cables and Steel wire armouring.

    Round compacted function;
    Prespiralled sector cores for Milliken;
    Overhead conductors (AAC, ACSR, AAAC, ACCC, ACSS…);
    Steel wire armouring;
    Copper wire screening;
    Flexible Class 5;
    Control Cable.

  • Running Work Video of Rigid Frame Strander

    Max rotating speed can reach 250r/min.

    Pitch infinite adjustment on PLC.

    All Siemens motor,Schneider eletric,

    Inovance inverter. Siemens PLC, HMI.

    NSK,FAG,SKF,HRB bearing for choose.

  • Main Component

    | Central Pay-off | Stranding Cage | Assembling Holder | Compact Holder |  
    | Taping Machine |  Capstan | Take-up and Traverse | Electrical Control System |  
    | Transmission System   | Safety Cover Fence | 
  • Rotating Compact head with motorized 

    • Round compacted Extra High Voltage and High Voltage Cables (HVDC, HVAC).
    • Prespiralled sector cores for Milliken.
    • Pre twisting pitch range: electrically controlled infinitely adjustable
    • Drive motor power 4.0 kw (servo)
    • PLC coordinates the inverter and braking unit to complete start, stop and other operations with the synchronization of the main cage operation. 
  • The Model of Rigid Stranding Machine

    product image
    Крутильная машина жесткорамного типа с отдельным мотором 6+12+18+24/630
    product image
    Máquina torcedeira rígida JLK630/12+18
    product image
    JLK- 630/1+6+12+18 Bobbins Hihg Speed Rigid Strander Line
    product image
    JLK-500/1+6+12+18+24 Rigid Stranding Line withSide Automatic Loading Bobbing System
    product image
    JLK-500/12+18+24 Bobbin Rigid Frame Strander Manual Load Bobbin
    product image
    Rigid Type Copper Wire Shielding Machine JLK-630/18
    product image
    JLK-500/8+12+20+24+32 Rigid Frame Stranding Machine For Flat Aluminum
    product image
    630/6+12+18 Машина жесткорамной скрутки с системой независимого привода
  • FAQ

    What other application of rigid strander machine?

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