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Building Wire Manufacture process

0.5-6.0mm2 building wire turn-key solution project

0.5-6.0mm2 building wire turn-key solution project

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1. Cable and wire manufacture range:

1x1.5mm2, 2x1.5mm2, 3x1.5mm2, 4x1.5mm2, 1x2.5mm2, 2x2.5mm2, 3x2.5mm2, 4x2.5mm2, 1x4mm2, 4x4mm2, 1x 6mm2, 4x6mm2, 5x6mm2.

2. The manufacturing process of household electrical wires:

2.1 Raw material preparation:

The manufacturing of household wires requires the use of various raw materials, including metal materials such as copper and aluminum, as well as insulation materials such as plastic. These raw materials need to be prepared in advance and inspected before they can be used.

2.2 Bare conductor stranding:

Conductive core wire is the core component of electric wires, and its manufacturing requires cutting metal materials into fine wires and twisting them. Generally speaking, copper is a commonly used material for manufacturing conductive core wires. Due to its good conductivity, it is widely used in the manufacturing of household wires.

2.3 Insulation layer extrusion:

After the manufacturing of conductive core wires, insulation treatment is required to avoid leakage and other safety hazards. The covering material of the insulation layer is generally plastic, which can effectively insulate and protect metal wires.

2.4 Coiling and packaging:

After the wire production is completed, it needs to be packaged. Generally, a wire coiler is used to roll the wire into a fixed length, and the outer layer is marked and packaged for easy storage and use.

3. Composition equipment:

3.1 Drawing annealing: 17die copper medium drawing machine, 22 die copper small drawing machine.

3.2 Conductor stranding: 630 wire bunching machine

3.3 Insulation extrusion: 70+35 or 80+45 cable extruder

3.4 Cable forming machine: 1000 or 1250 cantilever single twist machine

3.5 Outer sheath jacket extrusion: 80 cable sheath extruder

3.6 Coiling and packaging: 120mm Semi-automatic coiling machine, or 1040 full automatic coiling and packing machine.

0.5-6.0mm2 building wire turn-key solution project from ningbo capstian technology

4. Main wire testing equipment

  • Digital bridge+bridge fixture
  • Voltage withstand tester (35.0kVA/7.0kV)
  • Wall thickness projector
  • Insulation resistance tester
  • Thermostatic water tank
  • Natural ventilation aging test chamber
  • Pneumatic slicer and dumbbell knife mold
  • Sample slicer
  • Thermal elongation testing device
  • High temperature pressure testing device
  • Low temperature stretch winding automatic intelligent testing machine
  • Wrapping anti cracking (thermal shock) test device 1
  • Single line cable vertical combustion testing machine
  • Curve testing machine
  • Load breaking iron core testing machine

5. Factory worshop design:

We provide all layout of machines and installation drawing according to customer workshop.

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