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How to making pivot cable?

Start manufacturing your own pivot cable

How to making pivot cable?

1. What is pivot cable?

It's used to deliver power to center-pivot irrigation systems. Copper conductors are totally insulated and protected against the weather thanks to an outer jacket made of black sunlight resistant polyethylene, offering an excellent moisture resistance. It's available in 7wire, 9 wire and 12 wire.

2. What structure of pivot cable?

Specifications will be to be able to produce 11 core, 9 core, and 3 core with CAT5 cable.

pivot cable of ningbo capstian technology
pivot cable of ningbo capstian technology
pivot cable of ningbo capstian technology

3. What machine for final twisting process?

Planetary Strander: It can be seen that in the final twisting process, due to the different diameters of the insulation wires and their larger division, the same size of wire reels cannot be used, and the twisting cage of the machine cannot be in the same shape. At the same time, the process requires a one-time twisting to complete all steps, and only planetary type cable laying machines are most suitable.

4. What machine model of planetary stranding machine?

JLY-630X3+400X9: 630mm reel for three big cable more 2mm diameter. 400mm reel for small cable 0.5-3mm diameter.

JLY-800X3+630X6: 800mm reel for three big cable more 4mm.

Using different structures of twisted cages based on the diameter of the cable.

 planetary type cable laying machines

5. What technical parameter of planetary strander for pivot cable?

  • Input wire diameter 630 Machine: Ø2.0-Ø 10.0mm
  • 400 Machine: Ø1.0-Ø 5.0mm
  • Max stranding OD:Ø40mm
  • Max rotation speed:60 r/min
  • Stranding pitch (Set on touch screen):50 ~600mm (Stepless adjustable)
  • Max linear speed:25m/min
  • Main cage motor power:45KW(AC)
  • Pay-off reel size in stranding cage:3 x PND630+6 x PN400
  • Taping unit max speed:600r/min
  • Taping pitch:(Stepless adjustable)
  • Taping unit motor power:11KW(AC)
  • Double capstan wheel diameter:Ø1000mm
  • Capstan motor power:22KW(AC)
  • Central pay-off reel size:PND500-PND630
  • Take-up reel size:PN1000-PN2000
  • Take-up motor power:5.5KW(AC)
  • Machine center high:1000mm
 planetary stranding machines manufacturer

6. What other useful of this machine?

The structure of new energy charging station cables is similar to PIVOT CABLE, and they are also twisted with insulated wires of different sizes and diameters.

New energy charging pile cable

7. Auxiliary machines:

During the manufacturing process, non-metallic and metallic shielding is required, while filling devices are required to maintain the cable's shape. At this time, in addition to adding a filling device to the stranding cage, a separate wrapping device is also required. Common ones include tangential wrapping and concentric wrapping, which are selected according to the material of the wrapping tape.

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8. Video of JLY-800X3+630X6+800x6 planetary strander:

Manufacturer of planetary strander:

Max Xu-China wire machinery expert