• Planetary Stranding Machine

    Anti-torsion Stranding Machine for Aluminum, copper conductor, insulation wire, also steel wire rope.

  • Structure and Tension of Planetary Strander Line

    Different application for steel wire, wire rope, Cu, Al conductor and insulated wire

    Planetary Laying-up Machine400/24 Bobbin line Speed 150m/min

    Anti torsion Stranding Cum Laying Machine


    355/1+6+12+18+24 B Planetary Strander Machine 100% Back-twist

    Planetary Laying Machine

    Multicore Laying Machine up to 37 Core 

    400/54 Bobbin Steel Wire Armouring Machine

    Steel Wire Armouring Machine

    Max twist 96 steel armouing wire


    630/36+36 Planetary Cabling strander Large Gear-driven Hysteresis Tension

    Steel Wire Rope Machine

    Professional steel wire rope from 1x6 to 7x19

    Ant torsion Stranding Cum Laying Machine
    Hysteresis Tension

    The tension is 5-80N, tension of each reel is adjusted online 

  • Technical Parameter of Planetary Stranding Machine

    Planetary Stranders for Stranding and Armouring

    tubular strander introduction from Ningbo Capstian Technolgy Co.,Ltd

    The machine is used for stranding Cu, Al wire, ACSR and insulated wires with back-twist. It also can steel-armoring or
    Cu-screening cables.


    • 100% back-twist

    • variable back-twist (100%, 65%)

    • For the stranding of profiled wires, both types of machine can be operated without back-twist (0%).

    • Number of bobbins per stranding cage from 6 to 36, max. 96 for armouring.

    • Stranding bobbin dimensions from 315 to 630 mm flange diameter for standard machines.

    • Machine bearing system: Underroller type with the stranding cage supported on underroller bearings. Compact.design with the stranding cage supported by bearings housed in the main drive stand and the outer bearing support .stand

  • Layout of Planetary Strander Line from Ningbo capstian tech

    Layout of Planetary Strander Line


    GLK-630/1+6+12Rigid stranding machine

    Electronic disconnection wire detection

    Manual end shaft clamping wire reel

    Mechanical locking bobbin

    Disc empty air pressure pneumatic brake

  • Running Work Video of Planetary stranders and laying-up lines

    Set the overall speed.

    Various jog speed settings.

    Host speed ratio setting.

    Production meter length setting.

    Display of actual linear speed value

    Display the actual value of production meter length.

    Display the actual values of current, frequency, speed, and torque of each variable frequency motor.

    Random display of equipment faults and query of fault pages.

    Start the entire machine and add sound and light warning function

  • Main Component

    | Central Pay-off | Stranding Cage | Assembling die Holder | Non-material taping machine |  

    | Filling rack |  Haul-off | Take-up and Traverse | Electrical Control System |  

    | Transmission System   | Safety Cover Fence | 

  • The Model of Planetary Stranding Machine

    Cu, Al,Steel Wire, Insulated Wire, Wire rope

    product image
    JLY-630/6 America Planetary Strander | China - Cable Machinery Manufacturer
    product image
    product image
    Anti Torsion Stranding Cum Laying Machine
    product image
    JLY-630-1+3+3 Planetary Atranding Machine Laying-up Machine
    product image
    Planetary Cabling Machine 630/1+6+12 With Hysteresis Tension
    product image
    PN630/1+18 Planetary Closer for Steel Wire Rope Manufacturing
    product image
    Клетьевая крутильная машина 6+12+18/400
    product image
    315/24 Planetary Stranding Machine Cable Laying Equipment Back Twist For Super Thin Wire
    product image
    400/48 Bobbin Steel Wire Armouring Machine
    product image
    36+36/500 Steel wire Armouring Machine Screening Machine
  • FAQ

    Capstian planetary strander can meet all kind of your cable production

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