V1040 PLC Automatic Cable Coiling and Wrapping Machine

V1040 PLC Automatic Cable Coiling and Wrapping Machine

Model: V1040
Useful: Coiling and packing.
Power Supply: 380V 50Hz.
Warranty time: 12 month.
Payment: 30% as deposit, the balance before delivery.
Prodution time: 30 days.
PLC brand: Siemens.
Inverter: Inovance
Electric: Schnerder
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V1040 PLC Automatic Cable Coiling and Wrapping Machine

This equipment is suitable for cable automatic coiling and wrapping, which would be packaged into a coil and can be connected to the cable extrusion machine for linkage use.


It can be supplied by the paying off machine or directly connected to the production line of the extruder.

After winding, the coil is sent to the plastic film winding machine by the holding arm to automatically package and label the coil.

After automatic coating, it is automatically sent to the conveyor belt by the wire pushing mechanism, without manual operation.

This machine adopts servo motor cable laying system, which makes the winding beautiful.

The touch screen human-computer interface is used to operate the panel, which is friendly and easy to operate.

The microcomputer memory can store 99 different coil specifications. When you need to change the product specifications, you can just read the stored specification data without entering again, and you can produce immediately.

The secondary machine has an automatic error detection function, which will send out an alarm to remind the operator when there is a problem.

Performance Specifications:

★ Power supply: AC380V, three-phase, 50Hz, or specified by the customer.

★ Air source: compressed air pressure is 5-7kg/cm ³

★ Operating direction: right mobile phone (incoming line from left), or designated by the customer.

★ Applicable line type: φ 3- φ 8mm wire (BV1.5-6) mm ², BVR2.5—10mm ²)。

★ Design speed of pan head: 900 RPM Max. (When the production line is 100m/roll), the line speed of horizontal storage rack is MAX200m/min when the line storage capacity is not less than 200m).

★ Coil size:

external diameter Φ 400mmMax X height 40-100mm;

The inner diameter of the coil depends on the specifications of the reel head, which is: φ 140-200mm (fixed size), one selected by the customer. The dimensions beyond the scope shall be specially designed and the feasibility shall be determined by the Company.

★ Wire delivery mode of finished products: holding wire type.

★ Oversize unit: the measuring unit is 0.01M, the automatic deceleration is predicted, and the automatic shaking table process is reached.

★ Wire laying device: the servo motor is used for wire laying, which is synchronized with the swing plate host.

★ Full machine electrical circuit control: Siemens programmable control (PLC) is adopted.

★ The operation panel adopts Delta human-machine interface.

★ Instruments and switches on the operation panel: touch screen, speed control button, emergency switch.

The speed can be adjusted on the touch screen or on the speed control button.

★ The PLC of this machine has a power frequency spark machine contact: used for the spark detection of BV line, which can choose to stop or continue to form a circle after the automatic spark breakdown point.

★ The PLC of this machine has the contact of the caliper: when the diameter is not up to the standard, the waste line can be automatically eliminated or the manual marking can be continued to form a circle.

 ★Drive motor: winding system: 7.5HP X 4P AC motor+vector control inverter.

Cable laying system: 400W servo motor+servo driver

Wire holding transfer: 400W motor+driver.



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