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How to manufacturing coaxial cable?

RG6/4G59 coaxial cable production process

1. What is coaxial cable?

Coaxial cable is a kind of wire and signal transmission line, which is generally made of four layers of materials: the innermost layer is a conductive copper wire, the outer layer of the wire is surrounded by a layer of plastic (for insulator and dielectric), and the outer layer of the insulator is a thin mesh conductor (generally copper or alloy), and then the outer layer of the conductor is the outermost insulating material as the outer skin.

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2. The structure of coaxial cable:

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3. Manufacturing process step:

1). Solid conductor: cusomter self-provide. or customer factory have wire drawing machine.according the specification to make.

2). SJ-70 Foaming extruder: Extruding write PE foaming jacket.

Physical Foaming Coaxial Cable Extrusion Line


Apply to produce low consumption, long life-span physical foam polyethylene insulation

Application fine coaxial cable, special wire cable, communication cable and data cable etc.

Especially suitable for small coaxial cable production.

Product characters

Suitable to CATV,RG,SYWV,JIS series physics foaming machine production solid extrusion.

Suitable material:FM-PE,PE.

Foaming limit: the imported high-pressure nitrogen system (Max):78%, the low pressure nitrogen system (Max):70%.

Quality control: provides the outer diameter an the electrical capacity examination equipment, entire journey control product outside diameter, foaming limit etc. c.

Handpiece::provides physics foaming the specialized application handpiece.

Electrical control: import dual-conversion+touches screen to control.

3). Aluminum foil taping machine: Use for wrapping aluminum/Copper foil.

Aluminum foil taping machine for coaxial cable from capstian tech


4). 24 spindles braiding machine: Produce and twisting braiding shield layer.

24 spindles braiding machine for coaxial cable from capstian tech

5). SJ-70 Jacket extruder: Extruding PVC sheathing layer.

Manufacturing line for electronic wire and cable , power cable core wire, building wire and cable insulation and sheath extruding

Total Amount based on FOB Shanghai 39000USD

Extrusion materials: PVC, PE plasticization degree 100%.

Extruding line speed: 400m/min (depending on the outer diameter)

Applicable conductor: 1.0mm2-10.0mm2.

Finished wire diameter specification: 1.0-10.0mm.

Center height: 1000mm

Operation direction: right hand machine (means facing the machine head and operate from left to right).

0 cable extruder machine electric cable making machine