• Artificial Intelligence Cable Machinery Factory

    Future Direction

  • CAPSTANER smart factory system for cable industry

    How to work?

    Wireless network controls all machines

    1. Under the same network, all machines are controlled by the centralized control system

    2. Equipment operation, debugging, fault, etc. are all displayed on each employee's HMI app

    3. Materials entering, production and delivery are all intelligentized to reduce labor cost and improve product quality.

  • Automatic Integrated Forming Process

    One time forming production process of cable and wire.

    wire drawing processing for industry 4.0


    wire stranding processing for industry 4.0


    wire extruding processing for industry 4.0


    wire cabling processing for industry 4.0


  • Industry 4.0 Characteristic

     As a future trend, the factory will realize the networking of internal and external services through Internet and Internet of things, and develop towards the trend of Internet factory. Subsequently, collect and analyze all kinds of information of the production workshop, feed back to consumers, and analyze the information collected from the factory as big data, so as to open up more and new business opportunities. How to deal with the massive data collected from the workshop by hardware will also determine the value of services and solutions to a large extent. In other words, under the Internet manufacturing mode, manufacturing enterprises will no longer control production from top to bottom, no longer engage in separate design and development links, or separate production and manufacturing links, or separate marketing and service links. But from the beginning of customer demand, to receiving product orders, seeking cooperative production, purchasing raw materials or parts, joint product design, production and assembly, the whole link is connected through the Internet and real-time communication, so as to ensure that the final products meet the personalized customization needs of large-scale customers.


    With the ubiquitous Internet and convenient logistics system, the R & D, design, production, sales and service processes of products may not necessarily be completed independently in an enterprise, or even in a country, but may be decomposed, outsourced, crowdsourced to different enterprises, or even all over the world. In the future, the competitiveness of an enterprise does not lie in the number of resources and core technologies, but in the ability to analyze information data, integrate resources and internationalize resources.


    The flexibility of production and manufacturing represents the future development direction of the manufacturing industry. It will enable enterprises to respond quickly and easily to the changes of customers' needs, and ensure that their production is competitive, and meet the personalized customization needs of large-scale customers. The enterprise itself will realize the transformation and upgrading from simple manufacturing to "manufacturing + service".

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