• High speed cable laying-up machine for round and sector cable upto 400sqmm.

  • Different Driving Form and Structure

    Cable Laying Machine

    Parallel type Cable Laying-up Machine For Cabling

    Independent Motor Driving

    AC motor drive stranding cage, haul-off, take-up separately

    1000/1+3 Bobbin Cable Laying-up Machine

    Pre-twist Motor Type

    Each cradle have a independent pre-twist motor for sector cable.

    Hysteresis Tension CradleCone Type Laying-up Machine

    Big Bearing Hihg speed

    High speed of thin oil lubricated large bearings max 50r/min

    Cone Shape Cradle Type Type Laying up Machine Wire Machinery Exporter

    Ground shaft driving

    All machine driving a whole shaft by a motor, tug wheel support cage

  • Layout of Laying-up Machine from ningbo capstian tech

    Layout of Laying-up Machine


    CLY-1250/1+1+3 Cradle laying-up machine with individual motor driving and portal take-up with traverse stand, caterpillar and non-metallic wrapping machine. max rotating speed 50r/min.

  • Technical Parameter of Cradle Type Cabling Machine

    Application of Core Laying-up Machine

    Laying up machine all details from capstIan technology

    The machine is used for laying cum armouring all kinds of differentcross-section core rubber cable, power cable, control cable and charging pile cable production process. with filling function.


    It use for stranding cum laying 7,12 and 19 wire with 100% back twist.Encircling roller bearings being permanently lubricated bya high pressure oil injectionmade by a circulating system equipped with an oil pump and oil tank.Wire tension control is done through mechanical and hysteresis.HMI+PLC control system for pre-setting stranding pitch. twist direction.stranding of Al, Cu, steel wires.manufacture of OPGW and fibre optic submarine cables.stranding of plastic or rubber insulated conductors.armouring of cables.


  • Running Work Video of Cradle Cabling Machine

    Max rotating speed can reach 50r/min.

    Pitch infinite adjustment on PLC.

    All Siemens motor,Schneider eletric,

    Inovance inverter. Siemens PLC, HMI.

    Non-metallic taping machine

    Metal steel tape wrapping machine

    Filling rack on stranding cage

  • Main Component

    | Central Pay-off | Stranding Cage | Closing Wire Die Holder | Filling rack |

    | Taping and Armouring Machine | Capstan | Take-up and Traverse | Electrical Control System |

    | Transmission System | Safety Cover Fence |

  • The Model of Laying-up Machine

    product image
    CLY-1250/1+4 Laying Up Type Electric Cable Production Line
    product image
    JLY-630-1+3+3 Planetary Atranding Machine Laying-up Machine
    product image
    Planetary Type Cable Laying Machine PND1250/1+6 Bobbin
    product image
    Машина для скрутки кабеля 1250/1600/1+3/1+1+3
    product image
    CLY-1250/1+4 Planetary Type Laying up Machine For Stranding Power Cable
    product image
    CLY-1250/3+2 Cradle Type Cabling Machine/ Laying Up Machine
    product image
    Multi Core Power Cable Making Machine Cradle Type Cable Laying Machine 1+6/800
    product image
    Planetary Type 1000/1+3 Bobbin Cabling Machine
    product image
    High speed CLY1400/1+3 Core Laying up Machine Separate Motor Driving Form
    product image
    High Speed 1250/1+1+3 Cradle Type Laying-up Machine
  • FAQ

    Cable Production When You Use Cable Laying Machine

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