• High speed tubular strander line for ACSR,AAC,AAAC, copper and aluminum wire.

  • Main Tension and Structure of Tubular Strander Line

    We provide different configurations for different cables

    Automatic Cover High Rotation Speed Tubular Strander

    Full Close Automatic Protect Cover

    Automatic open and close when the wire break.

    Hysteresis Tension Tubular Stranding Machine 19 Wire

    Hysteresis Tension

    The tension value can be adjusted between 0 and 100, tension range of 5-40N.

    Large Bearing Type Tubular Stranding Machine 630/2+18+24+36 Bobbin

    Large Bearing Type

    Large bearing lubricating oil circulation system.

    Mechanic Tension Tubular Strander PLC Touch Screen

    Mechanic Tension and drive

    Traditional floor shaft transmission, mechanical tension, beautiful price

  • Technical Parameter of Tubular Strander Line

    Main application and paramter

    technical detail of tubular stranding machine from Ningbo Capstian Technolgy Co.,Ltd.

    The machine is used for laying cum armouring all kinds of different
    cross-section core rubber cable, power cable, control cable and charging pile cable production process. with filling function.

    It use for stranding cum laying 7,12 and 19 wire with 100% back twist.
    Encircling roller bearings being permanently lubricated bya high pressure oil injection
    made by a circulating system equipped with an oil pump and oil tank.
    Wire tension control is done through mechanical and hysteresis.
    HMI+PLC control system for pre-setting stranding pitch. twist direction.
    stranding of Al, Cu, steel and Aldrey wires.
    manufacture of OPGW and fibre optic submarine cables.
    stranding of plastic or rubber insulated conductors.
    armouring of cables.

  • layout of tubular stranding machine from capstian tech

    Layout of Tubular Stranding Machine


    GJ-630/1+6 Tubular stranding machine for ACSR 7 core galvanized steel. max rotation speed can reach 650r/min.

  • Running Work Video of Tubular Closer Machine

    Max rotating speed can reach 650r/min.

    Pitch infinite adjustment on PLC.

    All Siemens motor,Schneider eletric,

    Inovance inverter. Siemens PLC, HMI.

    NSK,FAG,SKF,HRB bearing for choose.

    Concentric wrapping machine 

  • Main Component

    | Central Pay-off | Stranding Cage | Closing wire die Holder | Wire Straightner |  

    | Taping Machine |  Capstan | Take-up and Traverse | Electrical Control System |  

    | Transmission System   | Safety Cover Fence | 

  • The Model of Tubular Stranding Machine

    Tube Type Stranding Machine For Cu,Al and Steel wire Twisting

    product image
    Steel Wire Rope Tubular Stranding Machine 630/1+8
    product image
    300/1+18 Tubular Stranding Machine for Galvanize Steel Wire Rope 7x19
    product image
    High Speed 500/1+6 Tubular Stranding Machine For ACSR
    product image
    Wire Tubular Strander 500/1+12 Steel Wire Stranding Machine
    product image
    Low Price 500/1+6 Spools Tubular Strander Machine
    product image
    300/1+12 Tubular Closer for Galvanize Steel Wire Rope 7x7 IWC
    product image
    Крутильная машина сигарного типа
    product image
    630/1+6 Tubular Strander Machines to manufacture cable and rope
    product image
    High Speed GJ630/1+12 Tubular Closer Machine
    product image
    Tubular Stranding Machine PN710/8B Large Bearing Drive Separate Motor
    product image
    250 1+6/1+12/1+18 Tubular Stranding Machine
  • FAQ

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