250 1+6/1+12/1+18 Tubular Stranding Machine

250 1+6/1+12/1+18 Tubular Stranding Machine

Function: Electric Wire Laying up,Twist/Stranding Wires,Stra
Wire Materiall Conductor or Insulated Cores
Type: Automatic
Motor: Siemens
Transport Package: PE Plastic in container
Origin: Dongguan
HS Code: 8479400000
Production Capacity: 10 sets/Month
Payment; T/T,LC
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250 1+6/1+12/1+18 Tubular Stranding Machine.

Tubular Type Stranding Machine

1. Description

  • Tubular type stranding machine works with 100% back twist movement. This machine is suitable for stranding 7/12/19 round or sector shape cable of copper/aluminum conductors as well as for steel wires stranding.
  • Rotating axis tube is supported by several big bearings , it is suitable for high rotation speed and no-noise rotation.
  • The wire tension control is done through band type brakes or with Germany hysteresis brakes (Optionally).
  • Main rotor of the machine as well as the pulling capstan and the take up unit are independently driven by motor.
  • The machine is provided with MMI+PLC control system for pre-setting stranding pitch, wire tension control, automatic tension compensation control and for speed synchronization with the take up unit.
  • Each bearing is equipped with pump lubricating circulating system to provide high pressure injection type lubricating and cooling


2.Main Features:

  • Synchronous twisting function: according to different twisting requirements, cages with different spools can be freely combined. Each cage can be equipped with a synchronization tube to twist more wires, so as to realize the multi-function of a machine.
  • Single wire preforming machine: Each cage is equipped with a single wire preforming machine, which can make the core wire smooth and dense.
  • The overall automatic loading and unloading is convenient: the latest side bottom automatic loading and unloading device is adopted, which has beautiful appearance and convenient maintenance. It also greatly improves the efficiency of loading and unloading the bobbin.\
3.Mechanical and electrical components
  • The bearings are from Ha Erbin, Wa Fangdian and Luoyang brand.
  • Motors are from Chinese famous products.
  • AC driver is from Danfoss brand.
  • DC driver is from SSD Parker 590 series brand.
  • PLC is from Siemens.
  • Touch screen is from Siemens.
  • Main low voltage electric components are from high quality and well-known Chinese brand
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