JLK- 630/1+6+12+18 Bobbins Hihg Speed Rigid Strander Line
  • JLK- 630/1+6+12+18 Bobbins Hihg Speed Rigid Strander Line
  • JLK- 630/1+6+12+18 Bobbins Hihg Speed Rigid Strander Line
  • JLK- 630/1+6+12+18 Bobbins Hihg Speed Rigid Strander Line

JLK- 630/1+6+12+18 Bobbins Hihg Speed Rigid Strander Line

Model: JLK-630/37
Orignial: China
Delivery time: 90 days
Round compacted function
Prespiralled sector cores for Milliken
Overhead conductors (AAC, ACSR, AAAC, ACCC, ACSS…)
Steel wire armouring
Copper wire screening
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JLK- 630/1+6+12+18 Bobbins Hihg Speed Rigid Strander Line

1. Each front of the cage is equipped with an adjustable pre-button device. The hinged cage has a ground shaft transmission cage gearbox to drive the twisting cage to rotate, and the operating handle can realize the positive and negative rotation and idling of the twisting cage, and the handle change and shifting gear is easy and the positioning is accurate.

2. When the laod bobbin is concentrated, the hinged cage is rotated and positioned. There is a separate motor to complete. The main motor is connected to the laoding bobbin motor by the clutch. When the clutch is commutating, the two motors are used to control the rotation of the motor and the upper motor respectively. When the clutch is turned to the main The main motor cannot start when the motor shaft is on one side.

3. The positioning of the frame load bobbin is controlled by the contacts on the frame and the proximity switch. The brake is completed by four sets of positioning flat brakes. The braking is efficient and reliable. Each section of the cage is equipped with an independent gas storage tank to ensure the brake and tension system. Air pressure stability.

4. The disconnected parking device adopts a non-contact probe and directly controls each reel. As long as one of the reels is disconnected, or a certain reel is completed, a signal can be immediately sent to stop the mainframe. Make sure the line is broken after the line is broken

5.  After the centralized load bobbin is clamped by the gas thimble, the reel is tightened and equipped with mechanical safety devices to ensure absolute safety during the production process. At the same time, there is a limit control main motor on the mechanical safety device, and the main motor can only be started when all the safety devices are in the insurance position.

6. The tension control of the reel adopts pneumatic tension. The tension is automatically controlled by the pressure regulating valve. It automatically switches according to the length signal to ensure uniform tension of all the reels when the reel is full to empty.

7. Hydraulic centralized automatic load and unload bobbin device

8. Concentrating the load disk, the hydraulic lifting trolley can complete all the processes of turning over, walking and loading the reel in sequence. Through the hydraulic cylinder, the linear sliding rail is completed, the operation is convenient and reliable, and the loading process is fast and efficient.


Electrical transmission and control system

  • Power supply:    3-phase,-5-wires,-380-415V(±10%), 50HZ
  • The main transmission with AC motor, controlled by frequency inverter.
  • The protection of this machine is as follows:
  • Overloading protection of take-up with traversing, power protection
  • Wanting pressure protection
  • Wire-breaking protection
  • With SIEMENS PLC and touch panel.
  • SIEMENS or SCHNIEDER low voltage electric parts, if not available, choose China  famous brand.
Main motor is SIEMENS BEIDE brand, controlled by SIEMENS brand frequency inverter.
Bearings are from China famous brand.
Low-voltage electric components are SIEMENS OR SCHNIEDER BRAND, if not available will
choose China famous brand-CHINT.
The operation direction is from left to right.
The left is pay-off stand and the right is take-up stand, please confirm.
The color is supplied by user.
The user supply bobbin drawing.
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