JLK-500/12+18+24 Bobbin Rigid Frame Strander Manual Load Bobbin
  • JLK-500/12+18+24 Bobbin Rigid Frame Strander Manual Load Bobbin
  • JLK-500/12+18+24 Bobbin Rigid Frame Strander Manual Load Bobbin

JLK-500/12+18+24 Bobbin Rigid Frame Strander Manual Load Bobbin

Model NO.: 500/54
Production Scope: 1.0-5.00
Origin: Ningbo, China
HS Code: 847981100
Production Capacity:100sets Per Yeay
Transport Package: Seaworthy Packing
Warranty:12 Months
Type: High-speed Stranding Machine
After-sales Service:Online/on plant
Driven Type: individual motor
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JLK-500/12+18+24 Bobbin Rigid Frame Strander Manual Load Bobbin


It is mainly used for the stranding and pressing of sector conductor, circular conductor, drawing and pressing, as well as the stranding and manufacturing of large square steel core aluminum strand.

2.main technical

2.1 Stranding single wire dia. Copper:Ø1.5-Ø5.0mm   Al:Ø1.8-Ø5.0mm
2.2 max strand outter dia:55mm
2.3 strand pitch:  52-937mm Step-less
2.4 cage max speed: 250 r/min
2.5 max traction line speed: 65m/min
2.6 capstan wheel dia.:  Ø1600mm
2.7 pay off bobbin size in cage:  PND500
2.8 center pay off bobbin size: PND500
2.9 take up bobbin size: PN2100
2.10 main motor power: 145KW

3.Technical Parameter:

3.1 Ø500center pay off frame  -------------------------  1 set
3.2 54 bobbin strand cage ------------------------------ 1 set
3.3 Pressure section device------------------------------ 1 set
3.4 meter counter------------------------------------------1 set
3.5 Ø1600 double active traction device---------------1 set
3.6 Ø2500 portal take up  -------------------------------1 set
3.7 transmission device ----------------------------------1 set
3.8 electric control system ------------------------------1 set
3.9 protection device-------------------------------------1 set
3.10 load bobbin tool ------------------------------------ 1 pcs
3.11 Electric wrench, anchor bolt-----------------------1 set
3.12 synchronous mode taping device---------------1 pcs

4.1 Technical parameters and structure of main components:

4.1 500 center pay off frame.
4.1.1 manual load bobbin, manual clamping.
4.1.2 pay off bobbin size PND630-500.
4.1.3 Manual, adjustable, mechanical friction tightened.

4.2. 24 bobbins cage
4.2.1 pay off size PND500
4.2.2 adapt bobbin size Ø500×Ø125×375(mm)
4.2.3 change speed 6 strage
4.2.4 Wire tension friction disc mechanical friction control, manual adjustment
4.2.5 Electric worm gear clamping structure, automatic locking, easy to operate, fast and safe; Turbine adopts bearing support, accurate positioning, not easy to wear, avoid stuck phenomenon.
4.2.6 ssembling die holder and press frame use one holder.assembling die holder can bear drawing die power
4.2.7 Emergency parking and electric buttons are arranged in front of each cage
4.2.8 The gearbox is equipped with grinding gears with hard tooth surface, with positive and negative rotation and neutral gears, and each gearbox is equipped with a lubricating oil pump for forced lubrication.

4.2.9 Equipped with the most advanced, single reel, pulse disconnection stop protection device, the system can stop and brake in time when the wire disc is finished or 2 / 5 disconnected.
4.2.10 Wear resistant ceramic mouths for each thread hole.
4.2.11 Pneumatic brake is adopted to ensure multi point synchronization and fast braking.
4.2.12 The frame is bent by the whole plate, tempered after welding to eliminate stress, and then machined at both ends in a special double-tool-stand lathe. The top shaft hole is machined on a numerical control boring machine, and the dynamic balance effect is tested to ensure the concentricity, balance of operation, and no deformation for a long time.
4.2.13 The front end of each mainframe is equipped with a single line predistortion device.

4.3. 1600mm Double active tractors (traction wheel diameter greater than or equal to 1100mm)
4.3.1 traction wheel dia. 1600mm
4.3.2 traction wheel grooves 6
4.3.3 max traction line speed 65.3m/min
4.3.4  traction speed change 36 stage
4.3.6 Using large modulus double cast steel gear to drive the two traction wheel to effectively increase traction force.
4.3.7 The transmission system is separated from the deceleration system, and the 36 stage gearbox is easy to operate and easy to maintain.
4.3.8 The traction wheel shaft is fixed at both ends, which greatly strengthens the mechanical strength and stability.
4.3.9 The internal and external parts of the large driving gear are processed to ensure weight balance and static balance test after assembly.

4.4、Ø2500 portal type and traverse take-up frame
4.4.1max load weight 15T
4.4.1 take up and traverse frame adopts end shaft type, electric lifting and clamping wire disc, with limit protection, and reliable performance.
4.4.2 The take-up power is driven by the 5.5kW motor through the three stage gear box.
4.4.3 portal take-up line is operated by SIEMENS touchscreen to operate SIEMENS PLC unified coordination control 3 / 5
4.4.4 adapt bobbin size:PN1250- PN2500

4.5.synchronous mode taping device
4.5.1 taping rotation speed:Variable frequency electrodeless speed regulation
4.5.2 taping belt take bobbin QTY: 2 bobbin
4.5.3 taping mode:Semi tangent

4.5. Mechanical transmission system
4.5.1Main drive motor power 30kW
4.5.2 The mechanical transmission system includes: main motor, main gearbox, transmission shaft, etc.
4.5.3 Hardened gear grinding gears are adopted in each gearbox.

4.6. Electric drive and control system
4.6.1 The power supply is three-phase five wire system. 380V(+10%),50Hz
4.6.2 ambient temperature ≤40℃
4.6.3 Total installed power 45kw
4.6.4 The main motor is controlled by frequency converter. Other electrical components mainly use CHINT brand.
4.6.5 this machine is equipped with overload protection and power protection.
5. Equipment operation direction: right handset, namely face equipment, left hand line, right hand line.
6.Equipment Color: the main body is blue, the rotating part is orange, and the base is black.


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