High Speed 3150 Drum Twister For Milliken and Sector Cable

High Speed 3150 Drum Twister For Milliken and Sector Cable

Drum Twister with steel wire armoring and taping unit is provided with HMI+PLC control system, process parameters can be stored, real-time monitoring of operating conditions, simple, convenient and fast operation. meanwhile meet to cabling round, sector cable, milliken conductor production.
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High Speed 3150 Drum Twister For Milliken and Sector Cable


  • This machine is mainly used for large section and long power cables, stranded cables of divided conductors, non-metallic tape wrapping of cables, and steel tape armouring.
  • This machine has the function of steel wire armouring and copper wire shielding within 96 heads.
2. Main Parameter:
  • Max laying OD:Φ25~Φ120mm
  • Conductor OD:Φ10~Φ40mm
  • Laying pitch range:200-5000mm
  • Full machine max rotation speed:40r/min
  • Traction line speed:33m/min
  • Max traction force:4T
  • Non-metal taping head max rotation speed:500r/min
  • Non-metal taping head pitch(stepless adjustable):20-208mm
  • Metal taping head max rotation speed:400r/min
  • Metal taping head pitch (stepless adjustable):20-305mm
  • Steel wire diameter:Φ0.9~Φ3.15mm
  • Pay-off bobbin size:PN1600-2000mm
  • Take-up bobbin size:PN2000-2500mm
  • Filling rope from:external diameter × aperture × width
  • F300 × F22 × 200mm (10 balls)
  • Disc diameter × aperture × Outer gear
  • F800 × F56 × 300mm (4 balls)
  • 2000 Pay-off rotation Motor power:22KW 4P×5((AC variable frequency motor)
  • Non-metal taping head  Motor power:11KW 4P(AC variable frequency motor)
  • Steel tape armouring motor power:22KW 4P(AC variable frequency motor)
  • caterpillar motor power:16KW 6P×2 (AC variable frequency motor)
  • Cage rotation motor power:55KW(AC variable frequency motor)
3. Main Components:
  • 2000 rotation  pay-off frame
  • Horn guide line frame
  • 3 hole type through wire frame
  • 5 hole type through wire frame
  • Filling rope rack
  • Three row assembling die holder
  • 96 head steel wire pay-off rack
  • Steel wire guide line frame
  • Steel wire rotating die holder
  • Steel wire armouring head
  • Φ600 double reel taping machine
  • Φ800 steel tape taping machine
  • 6T  Rotation pneumatic Caterpillar
  • 2500 Drum type take-up and arrange line rack
  • Pneumatic Hydraulic system
  • Safety fence
  • Electrical control system


4. Electric control system

  • Power supply voltage: three-phase five wire system, 380V (± 10%), 50Hz, single-phase control voltage 220V.
  • The linkage mode of the whole machine adopts control, and PLC and touch screen are used to coordinate the operation of each part of the motor.
  • Various process parameters can be set, modified and displayed on the touch screen.
  • The machine is equipped with the following protection links:
  •  Horizontal protection of each pay off rack fork;
  • Fault alarm of AC speed regulating device;
  •  Reset protection of hydraulic lifting table;
  • Over range protection of cable arrangement;
  • Safety protection of protective cover;
  • Air pressure protection;
  • Broken and finished tape protection

5. Main features

  • The machine adopts touch screen and programmable controller to uniformly command and manage the startup, operation and synchronous rotation of motors in each part of the whole machine.
  • AC variable frequency motor shall be adopted for paying off motor, winch rotating motor, winding motor, traction motor and winding and laying motor.
  • The cable pitch can be set, modified and displayed on the touch screen. The left and right cable arrangement, inching and rapid movement adjustment can be set on the touch screen.
  • The pay off frame of the machine adopts a separate motor, which is convenient for installation, operation and maintenance. It can rotate synchronously with the rotating take-up frame, or it can jog alone.
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