1250/3B PLC Bow Type Stranding Machine Bow Twister Line

1250/3B PLC Bow Type Stranding Machine Bow Twister Line

Place of Origin:China
Model Number:GJJ-1250/3
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Delivery Time: 90 working days
Applicable scope of wire rod : AL / Cu 10mm2— 120mm2
Max stranded diameter: 60mm
Warranty: 12 months
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1250/3B PLC Bow Type Stranding Machine Bow Twister Line

 1. Application:
This machine is suitable for stranding 2-6 cores ABC overhead cable, control cable or power cable from 10-120sqmm. Instead of the low speed cradle laying-up machine and small cross-section cabling machine.

2. Main parameter of bow type cabling machine

  • Single wire diameter:Ф20mm
  • Max strand diameter:Ф60mm
  • Cage max rotation speed:160r/min
  • Taping speed:650r/min (stepless adjustable)
  • Capstan line speed range:32.13-244.12m/min
  • Max traction force:1250kg
  • Take-up bobbin size:PN1600-2500
  • Pay-off bobbin size:PN1250
  • Main motor power:37KW(AC motor)
  • Taping motor power:7.5kw(AC motor)
  • Capstan motor power:18.5kw(AC motor)
  • Take-up motor power:5.5kw(AC motor) 

3. Machine main electric brand:

  • Motor: Siemens Motor
  • Transducer: American Emerson transducer
  • Temperature controller: Omron Brand PID Smart type
  • Man-Machine interface: 10.2 inch color
  • PLC and Control Module: Siemens
  • Screw and Barrel: Produced by jinhu Company.
  • Bearing: Japan NSK or other same quality brand
  • Low voltage electrical parts: Adopts SIEMENS, OMRON, SCHNEIDER brand.

4. Electric control system:

Electrical power cabinet and control cabinet shall be set and installed separately. The electrical cabinet has good mechanical performance and dust-proof design, and is equipped with an appropriate amount of vents
Power supply: three wire five phase system 380V (± 10%) 50Hz.
Total installed power: 75KW
The unit is equipped with a corresponding number of emergency stop and jog buttons at each operation position for easy operation


5. Safety protection device:

Main engine: full close and automatic open and close safety net
Coupling, transmission and other parts : Sheet metal protective cover

6. Operating directon: 
Equipment operation direction: Right head machine, facing device operation,  left release line, right take-up line.

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