Wire Tubular Strander 500/1+12 Steel Wire Stranding Machine
  • Wire Tubular Strander 500/1+12 Steel Wire Stranding Machine
  • Wire Tubular Strander 500/1+12 Steel Wire Stranding Machine

Wire Tubular Strander 500/1+12 Steel Wire Stranding Machine

Stranding machine with high productivity suitable for the following:
1-Stranding the steel wires.
2-Stranding the copper(Cu) and aluminum (Al) wires
3-stranding of overhead conductors (Al., , Al/St … Etc)
4-stranding solid and flexible insulated conductors.
5-stranding sector cables (straight & prespiraled)
6-wires diameters range : from 1mm till 4mm Max.
7-the bobbin diameter used inside the machine: 630 mm as per DIN 46397 and with gross weight 650 Kg Max.
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Wire Tubular Strander 500/1+12 Steel Wire Stranding Machine

The tubular stranding machine is exclusively used for the production of small-cross-section copper stranded wires or aluminum stranded wires2. The tubular strander is ideal for the stranding of tire wire ropes in metal productmanufacturing plants.

2.Main parameter of steel wire stranding machine

  • Single wire diameter:Ø1.0- 5.0mm 
  • Max strand diameter:Ø 10mm
  • Single  wire pass hole diameter:Ø 15mm
  • Core wire pass hole diameter:Ø 20mm
  • Strand pitch range: 20-100mm  
  • Cage max rotation speed:625r/min
  • capstan line speed range:15-85m/min
  • capstan wheel diameter:  Ø 1200+ Ø 1200mm(horizontal two wheel single active)
  • Bobbin size in cage :Ø 500 (buyer drawing standard)
  • Take-up bobbin size:Ø 1250(buyer drawing standard)
  • Pay-off bobbin size:Ø 1250(buyer drawing standard)
  • Main motor power:45KW(AC)
  • Capstan motor power:22KW(AC)
3. Main components:
  • Ø 1000 pay-off frame
  • Ø 500/8 bobbins strand cage
  • Assembling die holder
  • Rear straightener
  • Ø 1200+ Ø 1200  double wheel capstan device
  • Ø 1250end shaft take-up and traverse frame
  • Electrical control system
  • Safety protection system
4. 12 bobbins stranding cage of tubular strander line
  • 12 bobbin reel  cage 
  • Specification of pay-off reel inside the cylinder: Ø500 (according to the drawing)
  • Maximum rotation speed of cylinder: 400r/min (50Hz)
  •  Motor power: 45KW-AC
  • Mounting method: end shaft type, air cut clamping coil, air filled loosening coil, pneumatic mechanical locking, interlocking between clamping and locking, safe and stable, not easy to swing out, and convenient for loading and unloading the coil. The wire reel is lifted and loaded into the cradle with the aid of an aircraft in the workshop.
  • The "mechanical friction" tension is used for the setting out of the I-shaped wheel in the cradle, with a tension range of 2kg to 20Kg. The manual operation surface installation is convenient for micro adjustment and is not prone to failure.
  • The pay-off frame is made of integrally cast steel, with high accuracy, high mechanical strength, and durability without deformation.
  • The "circular touch type" dual protection function for wire breakage parking is added at the outlet end of the main machine and below the cylinder side, facilitating automatic parking after wire breakage and completion. Convenient operation and timely compensation of wire core.
  • The cylinder adopts a 2+2+2+2 four-segment, whole pipe bearing structure. The support frame at the payoff inlet end is supported by double row roller self-aligning bearings, and a set of thrust bearings are added to ensure the bearing capacity of the cylinder's axial movement; The middle and outlet ends are supported by three sets of large bearings, with flange type butt joints, and equipped with bearing cores to connect the pipe body, which is convenient for maintenance and disassembly; Large bearings use cylindrical roller bearings.
  • New oil gas lubrication; A separate oil pump motor provides centralized oil supply, with a cooling system, thin oil lubrication, labyrinth seal, dual functions of lubrication and cooling, independent oil tank, underground installation, small floor area, and clean working conditions.
  • "High temperature early warning" dual automatic shutdown protection function is added to the top 10 bearing groups to avoid damage to other hardware due to poor state operations and timely maintenance.
  • The cylinder is made of thick wall steel pipes, and internal stress relief treatment is performed before processing, and dynamic balance correction is performed after processing
  •  Main engine braking: two sets of two brake calipers per set, butterfly type pneumatic braking device.
  • The main machine adopts an external wiring method, with a lengthened and thickened cylinder, a 15mm through-hole, and a 20mm core through-hole. It is equipped with multiple alloy nozzles or guide wheels to make the wiring smoother, without bending, scratching, or slotting.
  • The rear support seat of the main engine, the large bearing seat at the middle and outlet ends, are all made of gray iron castings using the lost foam process, fully absorbing vibration, reducing noise, and having a beautiful appearance.
  • The cylinder is installed on an integrally welded base, which is made with the aid of a special platform. After annealing, it is processed by a large gantry milling machine for one-time finishing, with high mechanical strength, convenient installation, and high concentricity.
  • After the installation and debugging of the supplier's host are completed, the base is separated from the hinge, and it is sent to the purchaser in advance for pouring cement and horizontal correction to ensure smooth installation after the main body is delivered.
  •  The protective cover adopts a fully enclosed electric upturned structure, with a built-in sound-absorbing board partition layer to fully absorb noise, and is equipped with built-in lighting. The lighting power supply adopts a safe voltage, with the function of opening the cover for parking protection, improving the protection level. The form of protective cover window hole: metal mesh+openable tempered glass (easy to clean and maintain glass transparency after cleaning), the protective cover plate of the cylinder part is installed with hinges, and the cleaning or maintenance equipment is opened.
  • Single line pre variant device: the demander provides drawings, and the supplier makes flange interfaces according to the drawings
5.Main brand:
  • Main motor power:Wuxi Shengling
  • large bearings:Wa bearing
  • Other bearings used:HRB.WZS.LYC
  • Inverter:Inovance
  • Low-voltage electrical components:    Chint
  • PLC:Siemens
  • Touch screen:Siemens

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