Tubular Stranding Machine 630/1+6 Bobbin

Tubular Stranding Machine 630/1+6 Bobbin

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CAPSTIAN
Model Number: 630/1+6
Warranty:12 Months
Voltage:380V 50HZ
Payment: 30% as deposit, 70% balance
After-sales Service: Available
Driven Type: Pneumatic
Condition: New
Certification: ISO, CE
Warranty:12 Month
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Tubular Stranding Machine 630/1+6 Bobbin

1. Application:

Mainly used for bare copper, bare aluminum stranded wire, also used for multi-core insulated wire stranded. It can be customized as your wire structure, like 1+6, or 1+6+12 etc. It can be designed with different fencing and different color.

2. Main parameter of main stranding cage

  • 630 / 6, Ф 630 / 12 stranded body
  • specification of pay off reel in cylinder pnd630
  • maximum speed of cylinder6B 500r / min 12B 400R / min
  • stranding pitch: 6 cage pitch 44-333mm12 cage pitch 53-551mm
  • both ends of the cylinder are supported by bearings, and the middle is supported by large-scale bearings. One end of the Φ 630 / 6 winch is driven by a single motor, and the Φ 630 / 12 winch is supported by multiple groups of large bearings. Both ends are driven by double drives, with left and right rotation functions.
  • the large hinge bearing is lubricated by thin oil, which is supplied by our company's original thin oil pump station, and does not need a single oil tank,
  • the cable tray frame is of end shaft structure. It is pneumatically clamped and loosened. It has pneumatic locking mechanism to improve the safety level.
  • the setting out tension of wire reel frame is controlled by mechanical friction, and the tension is adjusted manually.
  • the outgoing line ends of the two twisted parts are equipped with single wire pre transformer.
  • the bottom plate of the cylinder is provided with a break induction detection and stop device along the axial direction of the cylinder.
  • it adopts external wiring mode, which is convenient for threading.
  • pneumatic butterfly brake is adopted for cylinder brake.
  • The protective cover is of a fully enclosed structure, which is electrically opened and closed, with sound insulation cotton interlayer and closed signal feedback protection. The main engine can be started only when the cover is completely close.

3.Main technical parameter:

  • single wire diameter: Copper wire φ1.3-φ5mm Aluminium wire φ1.6-φ6mm
  • Diameter of insulated core: φ4-φ8mm
  • Maximum stranding outer diameter: φ25mm
  • Cylinder diameter: φ750×20
  • Cylinder speed: 450rpm
  • Capstan wheel diameter: φ1200mm×2
  • Main motor power:37kw
  • Specification of tube body wire reel: PND500×375×125
  • Specification of take-up reel: PN900-PN1800

What can we provide
1.Professional and customized wire and cable solutions
2.Suggestions and guidance of the overall cable factory operation
3.Overseas on-site installation and operation instruction
4.Cost accounting service of raw materials and accessories
5.Cost accounting service of overall production operation
6.Talent delivery and training service
7.Lifetime after-sales online consultation service
8.Maintenance, reconstruction and upgrade services of the overall equipment
9.Additional support, such as raw material or accessories supply and suggestions, etc

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