Steel Tape Armouring Machine
  • Steel Tape Armouring Machine
  • Steel Tape Armouring Machine

Steel Tape Armouring Machine

Usage/Application:For Power Cable Steel Tape Taping
No. of Pads:2 Pads
Overall DiameterL800mm
Speed:550 RPM (Max.)
Lay Adjustment: step-less
Warrant time: 12 months
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Steel Tape Armouring Machine

800x2 steel tape arming machine
(Metal wrapping machine)

Main Parameter:

  • Max diameter of wrapped cable core: Φ  100mm
  • With pad diameter: Φ  800mm
  • Steel tape pad specification: Φ  800* Φ  120 * (15-60) mm (OD * hole dia. * width)
  • Number of pads: 2
  • Wrapping head rotation speed: 550r/min max
  • Wrapping pitch: 20-305mm steps adjustable on PLC
  • Wrapping tension: 2.5-30kg
  • Wrapping motor: 18.5kw (AC variable frequency motor)
  • Wrapping material: steel tape
  • Wrapping head is tangent type The AC variable frequency motor is driven separately, It has the function of left and right rotation switching
  • Tape tension mechanical friction control It has mechanical tension feedback function to ensure constant tension from full pad to shallow pad
  • Pneumatic braking
  • Stop machine after finished tape (Vector pulse detection)
  • Fully enclosed axial push full protective cover, build in lighting, with door opening and shutdown protection function
  • Power: 380V, 50-60Hz, 3 phase, 5 wire, single phase 200-240V.

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