SJ90+35mm Photovoltaic cable Wire Extrusion Machine
  • SJ90+35mm Photovoltaic cable Wire Extrusion Machine
  • SJ90+35mm Photovoltaic cable Wire Extrusion Machine

SJ90+35mm Photovoltaic cable Wire Extrusion Machine

Model Number:SJ-90+35
Application: Photovoltaic cable
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:plastic package
Delivery Time:60 Working Days
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability:10 sets/1 mon
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SJ90+35mm Photovoltaic cable Wire Extrusion Machine

1. Application:

The unit is suitable for covering the sheath of wires and cables with thermoplastic cable materials such as polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, PE, XLPE and low smoke halogen-free through hot extrusion. It has the advantages of high temperature control accuracy, excellent outgoing line stability, energy saving and stability, and high degree of automation.

2. Main parameter of 90+35 extruder

  • Sheath out dia after extrusion Ф 0.5- Ф 20mm
  • Host machine screw rod diameter Ф 90mm, Ф 35mm
  • Screw rod L/D 25:1/20:1
  • Main machine screw rod speed 80r/min # 90, 60r/min # 35
  • Main machine max extrusion capacity 280kg/h (PVC) # 90, PVC: 30kg/h # 35
  • Production line speed 260m/min
  • Two wheel capstan Ф 700mm+ Ф 700mm
  • Pay off rel size PN1000-PN1250
  • Take up rel size PN630-PN1250
  • Full machine total power 135KW
3. Main components of 90+35 solar cable extruder
  • Ф 1000- Ф 1250 double rel active pay off machine
  • Input Wire Straighten Machine
  • SJ-90/25 extruder host
  • SJ35/20 dual color stripe extrusion
  • U14 cross head (XUDONG)
  • Automatic drying and hopper with gravimetrically dosed
  • Protection platform
  • 24m main maintainless steel cooling water tank+2m movable sink+spray cooling
  • Blow water device 6 zone
  • DM3020 Outer diameter tester
  • 12m ahead accumulator
  • Ф 700mm double wheel capstan device
  • Ф 1000-1250 double reel take up and traverse line machine
4. Electronic control system
  • Power supply: three-phase 5 wire system, 380V (± 10%), 60Hz, single-phase control voltage 220V
  • The operating system of the whole machine adopts PLC modular control, 
  • which can be controlled by single action or linkage speed regulation. It can be operated visually through the 10.1-inch touch screen.
  • Communication control is adopted between PLC and frequency converter, which has higher precision and faster response than analog speed regulation; At the same time, PLC is equipped with Ethernet interface, and users can monitor remotely.
  • The whole machine is a dual control system: analog speed regulation and manual self reset knob speed regulation are set on the touch screen. The parameters can be set and adjusted freely through the touch screen or controlled by self reset knob speed regulation.
  • The extruder host and traction motor are made of high-quality brand AC motor, controlled by frequency conversion speed regulation system, and the latest generation of intelligent electronic display calculus temperature controller is selected for temperature control instrument, with temperature control accuracy of ± 2 ℃.
  • The panel is equipped with various instruments, indicators, switches and other necessary components, with complete protection functions such as overload, overheating and overcurrent,
  • The low-voltage components of the whole machine adopt internation top brands (Chint or Schneider), which has the advantages of stable starting, running and stopping of the production line, energy saving and consumption reduction.
  • The control box is spliced by high-quality anodized aluminum profile and aluminum die-casting corner parts, with simple and stable appearance and simple operation. The dust filter device is installed in the main control box to prevent the service life of electrical components in the cabinet from being affected by dust.
5 Equipment operation direction: right hand machine, that is, facing the equipment operation, left pay off and right take up.

7. PLC+HMI: Siemens
8. Low-voltage components: Chint or Schneider

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