SJ90+120 Plastic Extruder Cable Sheath Extrusion Line
  • SJ90+120 Plastic Extruder Cable Sheath Extrusion Line
  • SJ90+120 Plastic Extruder Cable Sheath Extrusion Line

SJ90+120 Plastic Extruder Cable Sheath Extrusion Line

Model NO.SJ90+120
Warranty:12 Months
Service:Technical Support, Training
Power:Three Phase Five Line 380V 50Hz
System:PLC+Ipc Control
Extrusion Material:PVC/PE or Others Material
Origin: China
HS Code:8477209000
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SJ90+120 Plastic Extruder Cable Sheath Extrusion Line


  • Purpose: Used for power cable, computer wire, data wire and high frequency wire outside coating insulation.
  • Higher Output: optimizing screw design, screw durable, non cohesive gul, not to take off a chrome, color change quickly, high wire speed, high output
  • Easy control: ontelligent control, wire diameter auto-feedback and ajustment, hpmmization machine design combine with Newtopp specilized touch screen. make machine operation easier and more convenient.
 2. Main Parameter of 90+120 extruder
  • Wire diamond φ5- φ 65mm
  • Jack diameter φ10- φ 80mm
  • Screw diameter φ120mm; φ 90mm
  • Length to diameter ratio 25:1
  • Screw speed 0-60r/min; 0-90r/min
  • Maximum extrusion 380kg/h (120 host); 280kg/h (90 host)
  • Traction line speed 0-60m/min
  • Max traction force 2400kg
  • Pay off bobbin size PN1250-PN2500
  • Take up bobbin size PN1250-PN2500
  • Whole power ≤ 286KW
  • Extension thickness tolerance+/-0.025 mm. 
3. Main Components of 90+120 Co-extruder machine
  • PN2500 end shift pay off frame
  • Well type lead frame
  • TQD1600 flat belt pneumatic front tractor
  • SJ-90 × 25 extractor
  • SJ-120 × 25 extractor
  • 120 machine shear head( φ 100mm)
  • 90 machine shear head( φ 80mm)
  • Automatic feeding drying system
  • Stainless steel constant temperature activity sink+warm water tank
  • Stainless steel cooling sink (20m fixed)
  • Drying device
  • Spark test machine
  • Laser caliper
  • TQD2400 flat belt pneumatic front tractor
  • PN2500 end shift take up and traverse
  • Electrical control system
4. Main characteristics:
  • Optimized screw structure to be more suitable for the raw material character
  • Gearbox: Cogs has been carbonized, hardened and polished. Compact size, stability of work, low noise and long service life.
  • Motor: AC or DC motor can be optional.
  • Cooling: Feeding zone by water or the other zones by air

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