SJ-70+35 High Speed Extruder Line With Automatic Coiling Machine
  • SJ-70+35 High Speed Extruder Line With Automatic Coiling Machine
  • SJ-70+35 High Speed Extruder Line With Automatic Coiling Machine

SJ-70+35 High Speed Extruder Line With Automatic Coiling Machine

Model NO.SJ-70+35
Screw Ratio:25:1
Voltage:380V/or Customized
Automatic Grade:Semiautomatic
Heating System:Electric
Trademark: CAPSTIAN
Origin: China
Delivery Time: 50 days
Warrant time: 1 years
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SJ-70+35 High Speed Extruder Line With Automatic Coiling Machine

1. Application

  • Apply to Manufacture of PVC
  • PE, Insulation and Sheath of BV Cable or Power Cable
  • Insulation and Sheath of UL
  • Flexible Cable
  • Computer Cable
2. Main parameter of 70+35 high speed cable extrusion line 
  • Machine model 70+35
  • Extrusion material PVC, PE, PA, PAA
  • Normal speed MAX600m/min
  • Wire pay off type PN400-630 initiate wire pay off
  • Extension Screw diameter, 70mm, L/D26:1
  • Extrusion volume 150kg
  • Extrusion auxiliary machine Screw diameter, 35mm, L/D 18:1
  • Extrusion volume 150kg
  • Main panel box Siemens PLC control or industrial PC
  • Traction machine double wheel initiate traction
  • Wire store stand 12M horizontal type inphase, speed&tension linearity control
  • Talk up unit A. Wire holding type auto wobble plate machine, with PLC control for inlet wire press, wind, cutting push out finished coil, etc. Apply to round cable, flat cable wind into reels, length can be changeable.
3. Main component of 70+35 extruder with coiling machine
  • Φ630 door pay offrack
  • Vertical tension frame
  • SJ-70×25 extruder host
  • SJ-35×20 double color injection extruder 
  • U14 free adjust core machine head 
  • Automatic hopper and dryer
  • Main electrical control ∕ operation box
  • Outer diameter tester
  • Front moving water tank (1.5m)
  • 12M main cooling sink 
  • High speed ink printer
  • 15kv power frequency spark tester 
  • blow water machine
  • 12m winding type overhead line storage frame
  • Φ500mm double wheel capstan
  • PN630 double reel take-up and arrange line machine 
  • V1860 Automatic coiling machine
4. Technical parameter of V1860 automatic coiling and packing machine
  • Power supply: AC 380V, 3P, 50HZ (Or customized)
  • Operation direction: Right (pay off wire from left) (Or customized)
  • Suitable wire: Ф 3- Ф 8mm power cable (5-6mm ², BVR2.5-10mm ²)
  • Cooling speed: 930RPM Max (When the production line is 100m/reel and the capacity of the horizontal pay off is not less than 200 meters, the output is MAX260m/min)
  • Wire cooling size: Max Ф 400mm (OD) * 50-100mm (H);
  • Inner dia.: According to the Compiler size: Ф 140- Ф 200mm (fixed size). The buyer chooses one type, the size exceeds the range of specifications must be specially designed, and the seller decisions its feasibility
  • Delivery mode of cooked wire: wire holding type
  • Meter counter: gauge unit 01M, automatically stop when the meter reaches preset value 8. Cooling power: 7.5HP Siemens motor+7.5HP converter
  • Traverse: opt Onok servo motor flat cable, which is used to synchronize with the cooling machine 10. Full machine control system: Using Willen Touch Screen+Siemens PLC control system
  • Operation panel adapters man machine interface (Graphic Operator lninterface)
  • Instruments and switches on the operation panel: touch screen, speed control button, emergency switch, Speed can be adjusted on touch screen or on speed control
  • The PLC reserves the spark tester interface: (The spark tester is prepared by buyer), Used for spark detection of BV wire, automatic spark breakdown point or manual marking can continue to coil function
  • The PLC reserves the diameter controller: (the diameter controller is provided by buyer), when the diameter is not up to the standard, the scratch wire can be automatically determined or labeled manually and the cooling function.

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