SJ-70/12 Silicone Rubber Cable Extrusion Production Line
  • SJ-70/12 Silicone Rubber Cable Extrusion Production Line
  • SJ-70/12 Silicone Rubber Cable Extrusion Production Line

SJ-70/12 Silicone Rubber Cable Extrusion Production Line

Model NO.XJP70 X 12D
Specification: 70mm, 12L/D
Trademark: CAPSTIAN
Origin: TnINGBO, China
HS Code: 84778000
Production Capacity: 80kg/H
Voltage:380v, 3 phase and 5 wires
Max. Screw speed (r/min) 55r/min
Delivery Time: 50 days
Warrant time: 1 years
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SJ-70/12 Silicone Rubber Cable Extrusion Production Line

1. Application:
Applying to all kinds of high temperature silicone rubber cable and high temperature sheaths. the unit is used for extruding silicone rubber core insulation and continuous vulcanization. The whole machine operates stably and reliably, the operation of each component ensures synchronization, and the control system is reliable, advanced and applicable. The unit is suitable for extrusion of silicone rubber raw materials.

2. Technical parameter:

2.1    OD before extrusion:Ф0.5-Ф10mm
2.2    OD after extrusion:Ф1.0-Ф12mm
2.3    Screw rod rotation speed:10-60 r/min
2.4    Max extrusion catacity:100kg/h
2.5    Max traction force:300kg
2.6    Traction line speed:150m/min
2.7    Pay-off bobbin size:PN400-PN630
2.8    Take-up bobbin size:PN400-PN630
2.9    Total power:50kw

3. 3. Main Component
3.1    Ф630 shaftless pay off rack--------------------------------------------------1 set
3.2    Input wire tension device---------------------------------------------------1 set
3.3    XJ70-12 silicon rubber extruder host--------------------------------------1 set
3.4    Ф20mm machine head------------------------------------------------------1 set
3.5    Stainless steel vulcanization drying pipe---------------------------------1 set
3.6    Ф500mm double wheel capstan------------------------------------------1 set
3.7    PN630 double bobbin take-up and arrange line machine-----------1 set
3.8    Control system-----------------------------------------------------------------1 set

4. XJ70-12 silicon rubber extruder host:
4.1. Screw diameter: Φ70
4.2. Length diameter ratio of screw (L / D): 12:1
4.3. Screw type: double head gradient forced feeding
4.4. Maximum speed of screw: 60 rpm
4.5 barrel cooling: 2 sections
4.6 barrel, screw material: 3810rmo2l2, surface nitriding treatment
4.7 hardness: above hv740-940
4.8. Motor power of main engine: 15kw
4.9 outer diameter after extrusion: ≤ Φ 20mm
4.10. Maximum glue output: 100kg / h
4.11. Single roll automatic feeding and forced water cooling.
4.12 head: Haff clamping, easy to operate.
4.13 gear box: 40Cr quenching and tempering is used for all gears, high-frequency quenching and tempering is used for tooth surface, and the surface hardness is hrc50-55. The shaft is quenched and tempered with 45# steel. The material of the box is cast iron. The gear is grinded with helical tooth surface, the gearbox is connected with screw by spline, and one-way roller thrust bearing.

5. Advantages:
5.1 PLC+ Touch screen control , adjusting and monitoring parameter of whole production line.
5.2 Screw and barrel special, crosshead and dies for silicon rubber to prevent inner vulcanization.
5.3 Silicone rubber used avoiding adjusting head, water cooling system automatic control or manual control
5.4 Precision testing feedback system to ensure accurate wire diameter so as to reduce cost.
5.5 Delivery time: 50 working days

6. After-sell service:
6.1 Engineer will be dispatched at needed
6.2 The buyer provides engineer's round trip flight tickets, board and lodging, the security as wel as each person of daily wage
6.3 Guarantee: 12 months since shipping date(exclude easily wearing part).

7. Why choose Capstian Extruder?

7.1. We are the cable equipment manufacturer.
7.2. Professional engineer,long-term to research and development for to cable equipment .
7.3. High frequency capacity manufacturer machine is provide .Guarantee the machine all weather running .
7.4. Our machine use the international qualified brand,like siemens ,Omron,NSK,LG,Inovance etc.
7.5.Technical support and spare parts service.
7.6. Well-experienced in overseas to support customer with technical,training,operating.
7.7. Responsible and Good communication and customer service skills,and save time and human cost for customers.
7.8. Complete Foreign Trade Team.
7.9. Working efficiently,quickly response to customer requirement.



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