JLK-500/8+12+20+24+32 Rigid Frame Stranding Machine For Flat Aluminum

JLK-500/8+12+20+24+32 Rigid Frame Stranding Machine For Flat Aluminum

Model: JLK500/96B.
Application: Twisting, stranding, Screening.
Wire Material: Cu,Al, St.
Payment: 30% and 70%.
Delivery Time: 120 days.
Warrant Time: 12 months.
Production Capacity:100sets/Per Year.
HS Code:8479400000.
Contact Person: Max Xu
WhatsApp: +861860615951
Email: cabletwister@126.com
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JLK-500/8+12+20+24+32 Rigid Frame Stranding Machine For Flat Aluminum

It used for copper and aluminum conductor cables twisted wire system fan pressed,pressed and drawn round conductor segment conductor strands twisted pre-pressed.

1. High speed: the maximum speed of 500 wire disc 6 discs reaches 350rpm;
2. Multiple specifications: the minimum diameter of wire disc should be 400mm and the maximum diameter should be 800mm. The minimum number of single segment wire disc should be 6 and the maximum number should be 48.
3. Multi-form tension: hysteresis tension, mechanical tension, mechanical belt feedback tension, pneumatic tension, etc.
4. hydraulic, electric side lower upper plate, side upper plate and so on a variety of overall plate options;
5. manual clamping, pneumatic clamping, electric clamping and other clamping mechanisms can be selected.


 2. Main Components:

  • Φ630 pay-off stand:----------------------------------------------1 set 
  • Φ3150 Column type pay off------------------------------------1 set
  • 8B stranding cage-----------------------------------------------1 set
  • 12B stranding cage ----------------------------------------------1 set
  • 20B stranding cage----------------------------------------------1 set
  • 24B stranding cage----------------------------------------------1 set
  • 32B stranding cage with Steel wire armoring head------1 set
  • Assembly die------------------------------------------------------5 sets
  • Compacting device---------------------------------------------4 sets
  • Side bottom loading device-----------------------------------5 sets
  • Copper tape machine--------------------------------------------1 set
  • Non-metal machine----------------------------------------------1 set
  • Steel tape machine-----------------------------------------------1 set
  • Meter counter------------------------------------------------------1 set
  • Φ2300 strong dual haul-off capstan---------------------------1 set
  • Φ3150 Column type take-up with traversing stand-------- 1 set
  • Mechanism transmission system-------------------------------1 set
  • Electrical control system-----------------------------------------1 set
  • Safety protection device-----------------------------------------1 set

Upgrade and Improvement

1. Design the top hole of special machine processing frame to ensure the concentric degree of two holes so as to avoid the concentric problem affecting the tension;
2. Optimized clamping structure, more stable pneumatic tension, more reliable clamping bearing;
3. Ground shaft type frame stranding gear box gear tooth grinding processing to reduce noise;
4. The design and optimization of the installation mechanism of the drive shaft of the frame stringing synchronous belt of the motor division ensures the machining accuracy and facilitates the tensioning adjustment of the synchronous belt;
5. Newly added upper disc mechanism at the lower hydraulic side enriches the upper disc varieties;

6. The newly added electric clamping mechanism enriches the clamping form.


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