JLK-630/1+6+12+18+24 Rigid Frame Stranding Machine with Side Load Bobbin System

JLK-630/1+6+12+18+24 Rigid Frame Stranding Machine with Side Load Bobbin System

Model NO.: JLK-630/61
Production Scope: 1.0-5.00MM Cu and Al
Origin: Ningbo, China
HS Code: 8479400000
Production Capacity:100sets Per Yeay
Transport Package: Seaworthy Packing
Warranty:12 Months
Type: High-speed Stranding Machine
After-sales Service:Online/on plant
Driven Type: individual motor
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JLK-630/1+6+12+18+24 Rigid Frame Stranding Machine with Side Load Bobbin System

Mainly used for copper and aluminum conductor cables twisted wire system fan pressed,pressed and drawn round conductor segment conductor strands twisted pre-pressed

The machine is used for compact-strand bare aluminum wire, bare copper wire and ACSR to produce power cables.

2. Advantages :

High speed: the maximum speed of 630 wire disc 6 discs reaches 300rpm;
 Multiple specifications: the minimum diameter of wire disc should be 400mm and the maximum diameter should be 800mm. The minimum number of single segment wire disc should be 6 and the maximum number should be 48.
Multi-form tension: hysteresis tension, mechanical tension, mechanical belt feedback tension, pneumatic tension, etc.
hydraulic, electric side lower upper plate, side upper plate and so on a variety of overall plate options;
manual clamping, pneumatic clamping, electric clamping and other clamping mechanisms can be selected.

3. Main Components:

  • 630 fixed central Pay-off stand:1 set
  • # type guide line stand: 1 set
  • 6.12. 18.24 bobbins strand cage:Each 1 set
  • 6.12. 18.24  bobbin Concentrated Hydraulic side bottom 45° loading device:    Each 1 set
  • Assembling die holder  and Compacted head:4 set
  • Meter counter:1 set
  • Driving motor and tooth box:1 set
  • φ2000 traction device:1 set
  • φ2500 Portal type take-up device:1 set
  • Electric control cabinet and operating panel:1 set
  • Safety protection fence and cover:1 set
4. automatic side bottom 45° load and unload bobbin device
  • Structure form:Side bottom  45 °
  • Drive form:Hydraulic pressure
  • Adapt bobbin:PND630
  • The loading and unloading  device under the hydraulic side is mainly composed of wire tray bracket, linear track, guide bracket, transmission oil cylinder, hydraulic pump station, electric control system, etc. It can complete the actions of flipping, hanging, positioning, footwall and homing at one time
  • The hydraulic hanging device adopts the form of hanging at the bottom of the side. After the hanging is completed, the working table is level with the ground
5. Main brand of rigid strander:
  • Bearing brand:HRB
  • Low voltage appliance brand:Siemens, Schneider
  • Brand of pneumatic components:AIRTAC
  • Brand of main drive motor:SIEMENS
  • Take-up motor brand:SIEMENS
  • Touch screen:SIEMENE


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