Rigid Type Copper Wire Shielding Machine JLK-630/18

Rigid Type Copper Wire Shielding Machine JLK-630/18

Place of Origin:Hebei, China
Brand Name:BEYDE
Model Number:400
Maximum speed: 230r/min
Copper wire diameter: 0.4-1.5mm
Shield pitch: 80-1156mm
Fastest wire speed:61.5m/min
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Rigid Type Copper Wire Shielding Machine JLK-630/18

1. Mainly used for copper wire and copper tape shielding of various cables. It can be equipped as a copper wire + copper tape combined shielding machine unit or a separate unit according to needs.
2. Application:
Mainly used for copper wire and copper tape shielding of various cables. It can be equipped as a copper wire + copper tape combined shielding machine unit or a separate unit according to needs.
1. The tension adopts mechanical friction and can be adjusted manually.
2. The ground axis linkage is adopted, and the pitch is stable and accurate.
3. Pneumatic traction adopts mechanical shifting and speed regulation to meet the requirements of different cable pitches.
Center pay-off, well-type lead frame, shielding machine, traction device, take-up cable device, transmission system, electrical system.

3. Main Parameter:
3.1    Input wire diameter    :Ø 0.4-1.0mm(8 wire/ bobbin)
3.2    Max stranding OD:    Ø60mm
3.3    Max rotation speed:    80r/min
3.4    Strand cage motor power:    55KW(AC)
3.5    Strand pitch(set one PLC):    80-600mm (stepless adjustable) 
3.6    Traction line speed:    40m/min max
3.7    Capstan motor power:    45KW(AC)
3.8    Speed of Non-metallic wrapping machine    :500r/min
    Non-metallic wrapping machine power    :11KW(AC)
3.9    Pay-off reel size in cage:    PND630
3.10    Max Capstan force:Ø 2500kg
3.11    Central pay-off reel size:    PN1600-PN2800(Customer provide  drawing of reel)
3.12    Take-up bobbin reel size:    PN1600-PN3000(Customer provide drawing of reel)

3.13    Machine center high:    1000mm

4.    Main components:
4.1    Ø 2800mm Portal type Pay-off rack    1 unit
4.2    # guide line rack    1 unit
4.3    12 bobbins strand cage    1 unit
4.4    12 bobbin Concentrated loading bobbin device    1 unit
4.5    96 head Pre-forming head (Integrated with host)     1 unit
4.6    Close die holder    1 unit
4.7    Ø600x2 head Non-metallic wrapping machine     1 unit
4.8    Mechanic digital Meter counter    1 unit
4.9    2500kg Powerful pneumatic caterpillar    1 unit
4.10    Ø 3000mm portal type take-up with traverse rack    1 unit
4.11    Electric control cabinet     1 unit

4.12    Safety protection fence and cover    1 unit

5. stranding cage:

5.2.1. Max rotation speed of stranding cage: 80r/min

5.2.2. Power of stranding cage motor: 55KW (AC)

5.2.3. Applicable single line diameter: Ø 0.4- Ø 1.0mm (8 pieces)

5.2.4. Max stranding diameter: Ø 60mm

5.2.5. Specification of pay-off reel inside the cage: PND630x475x125

5.2.6. Stranding cage drive form: independent motor drive

5.2.7 Range of stranding cage pitch: 80-600mm stepless adjustable

5.2.8. Tension form of pay-off in cage: mechanical friction+ Pneumatic tension

5.2.9. Hardness of wire coil tightening thimble: ≥ HRC60

5.2.10. Lubrication mode of stranding cage reducer: oil pump spray lubrication

5.2.11. The stranding cage is mainly used for the production of copper wire shielding. The production of upto 96 copper wire shields (8 copper wires per reel) can be completed with the help of a multi-wire winding reel. (customer provide the max wire quantities of each reel)

5.2.12. The stranding cage is driven by its own independent motor. The forward rotation, reverse rotation, neutral gear, start, stop, emergency stop and other operation settings of the twist cage are controlled by the electrical system

5.2.13. The stranding cage is an integral four-part structure.

5.2.14. DXJ full-automatic line break detection system is adopted and can prompt on human-machine operation interface.

5.2.15. Pneumatic constant tension and mechanical friction tension are used for setting out in the cage.

5.2.16. Braking mode: the main stranding cage brake adopts disc plane air brake, which is coordinated by the programmable controller (PLC). The variable frequency motor controller, braking resistor, air pressure proportional valve, etc. jointly complete the slow stop, fast stop, emergency stop and other operations of the whole machine.

5.2.17. Pre-deformation device: equipped with 96 pre-deformers, which can meet the requirement of more than 96 copper wire shielded cables.

5.2.18. Each section of stranding cage is equipped with independent air storage tank to ensure air supply.

5.2.19. Emergency stop, inching, broken wire control selection, positioning, upper and lower panels and other control buttons are set at the front operation position of each section of hinge cage, and 220V power socket is set for easy operation.

5.2.20. The whole machine is operated by color touch screen with human-machine operation interface, and managed by PLC

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