PN630/1+18 Planetary Closer for Steel Wire Rope Manufacturing
  • PN630/1+18 Planetary Closer for Steel Wire Rope Manufacturing
  • PN630/1+18 Planetary Closer for Steel Wire Rope Manufacturing

PN630/1+18 Planetary Closer for Steel Wire Rope Manufacturing

Place of Origin: China
Model Number:JLY-630-1+18
Max. Single-strander diameter:10mm
Warranty:1 Year
After-sales service:Online Support
Payment: 30%+70% T/T
Manufacturer: CAPSTIAN
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PN630/1+18 Planetary Closer for Steel Wire Rope Manufacturing.


This machine is mainly used for control cable, stranding of stranded wire and rubber sheathed flexible conductor stranding process. The stranding structure is multi-layer stranding and non-metallic wrapping function.

There is no hard drive connection between each stranding cage, stranding cage body and capstan, and there is no impact of drive chain caused by unsynchronized inertia of cage body. The pitch of bare wire stranding can be adjusted arbitrarily, without pitch blind area. Electronic control system. Convenient operation and reliable performance.

2. Main parameter of planetary 1+18

  • Max OD before armoring: Φ60mm
  • Steel wire diameter: Φ0.8-4.0mm Steel,
  • Rotation speed:23.83-53.01r/min
  • Line speed: 3.981-30.073m/min
  • Armoring pitch:75.1-1262mm
  • Taping machine speed:450r/min
  • Pay-off bobbin size in cage:  PN500
  • Pay-off bobbin size out cage:  PN2500
  • Take-up bobbin size:  PN2500
  • Capstan wheel dia. : Φ2000mm
  • Cage rotation motor power: 55KW
  • Machine center high: 1000mm
3. Main components of planetary strander 630/1+18
  • 2500mm portal pay-off rack
  • # type through wire frame
  • 48/500 main cage
  • Assembling die holder
  • Φ400/ 2 taping head
  • Meter counter 
  • Φ2000mm dual wheel capstan
  • 2500mm portal take-up and traverse line rack
  • Mechanical transmission system
  • Electrical control system
  • Safety fence

  4. Electric control system:

  • Electrical power cabinet and control cabinet shall be set and installed separately. The electrical cabinet has good mechanical performance and dust-proof design, and is equipped with an appropriate amount of vents
  • Power supply: three wire five phase system 380V (± 10%) 50Hz.
  • Total installed power: 75KW
  • The unit is equipped with a corresponding number of emergency stop and jog buttons at each operation position for easy operation  

5. Safety protection device:

  • Main engine: Perforated plate wall safety net
  • Coupling, transmission and other parts : Sheet metal protective cover
6. Operating directon: 
Equipment operation direction: Right head machine, facing device operation,  left release line, right take-up line.
7. What we can do for you?
  • Time of Delivery: within 120 days from the date of down payment receipt.
  • Quotation base: EXW Price
  • HS code: 84794000
  • Condition of machine: 100% new, with the quantity and quality according to contract.
  • Country of original and manufacturer: NINGBO CAPSTIAN TECHNOLOGY --- CHINA
  • Packing : To be packed in containers, suitable for long distance sea transportation and secured against change of climate and shock
  • Warrant time: 12 months after installation
  • Way of Transportation: By Sea( factory near Tianjin Seaport)
  • The seller shall provide installation service, lifelong free remote technical guidance, and cost price supply of wearing parts
  • When the machine arrives at the customer's factory, the seller sends engineers to install it, or a local agent is responsible for the installation. The buyer is responsible for transportation, food, and accommodation, and provides engineers with a daily wage of $100.

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