Planetary Type 1000/1+3 Bobbin Cabling Machine

Planetary Type 1000/1+3 Bobbin Cabling Machine

Name:Planetary Type Cable Laying Up
Usage:Cable Laying Up
Bobbin Sizes:800 1000 1250 1400 1600 1800 2000
Material:Power cable
Max. Rotation Speed:35 RPM
Central Height:1000MM
Delivery Time: 90 days
Warranty: 12 months
Payment: T/T 30% as deposit
More Details

CLY1000/1+3 Cradle laying up machine(Ground shaft driving, end shaft take-up)

1. Application:

This machine is mainly used for round or section stranding of 3 to 5-core power cables.

2. Φ1000/3 bobbin stranding cage

  • Speed range of cage: 13.9-33.1r/min
  • Max single wire diameter: 20mm
  • Applicable reel: PN1000
  • Main cage speed level: 6 class,
  • with positive and negative idling
  • The main winch cage is composed of four disc winch cage frame, main engine gearbox, tug, base, filling rope paying off frame, etc.
  • The main winch cage is of parallel structure and has the function of untwisting and twisting circular wires. Planetary gear set is used to drive the untwisting. The design of the untwisting mechanism is reasonable and the strength is high.
  • The winch gearbox adopts hard tooth surface grinding gear, and the oil pump motor is forced to spray lubrication. The six-stage variable speed design of the main engine box has positive and negative neutral positions. The unit adopts ground shaft drive and the coupling adopts sprocket coupling.
  • The pay off frame in the stranding cage is of end shaft structure, manual clamping reel, mechanical locking device and adjustable mechanical friction tension device.
  • The front support plate of the cage is supported by supporting wheels, and the tug is placed on the plane track and adjusted by screw rod.
  • The main engine adopts a large-diameter butterfly pneumatic brake device, which is equipped with multiple groups of air brake, with high braking efficiency.
  • The front support plate of the main engine is equipped with multiple groups of 200 × 250mm filling frame.
3. Main components:
  • 3/1000 bobbin stranding cage 
  • φ1250central pay-off
  • Double die holder
  • Double taping head
  • Transmission system
  • meter counter
  • TQD1250 caterpillar 
  • Φ1600 end shaft take up
  • Traverse device
  • Electronic control system
Bearing brand: NSK
Low voltage appliance brand: Schnerder
Brand of pneumatic components: AIRTAC
Brand of main drive motor: SIEMENS
Inverter brand: INOVANCE



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