JLY-630-1+3+3 Planetary Atranding Machine Laying-up Machine

JLY-630-1+3+3 Planetary Atranding Machine Laying-up Machine

Place of Origin: China
Model Number:630-1+3+3
Max. Single-strander diameter:10mm
Warranty:1 Year
After-sales service:Online Support
Payment: 30%+70% T/T
Manufacturer: CAPSTIAN
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JLY-630-1+3+3 Planetary Atranding Machine Laying-up Machine

1. Application: 
Planetary type Stranding machine is used for the stranding cable less than 7cores with fully back-twist.

2. Technical Parameter:

  • JLY-630/1+6(3+3) Planetary cabling machine.
  • Max. Single-stranded diameter:10mm
  • Max. stranding out-dia. :25mm
  • Cage rotating speed:25~59r/min
  • Stranding pitch :60~2570mm
  • Capstan wheel dia.:1600mm
  • Linear speed:3.54~38.8m/min
  • Pay-off bobbin inside planetary:PN630
  • Middle pay-off bobbin standard:PN630
  • Take-up bobbin standard :PN800~PN1600

3. Component: 

  • 630 stationary pay-off                
  • 6 Bobbin planetary strander         
  • Pressing die stands                   
  • Meter Counter                            
  • Φ1600 double wheel Capstan  
  • Φ1600 column type take-up stand         
  • Transmission system              
  • Electrical system                 
  • Safety fence

4. Main features

  • High stranding speed:Adopt the newest frame structure stranding cage.A  thick seamless stell tube main shaft,casting iron gearbox,transmission gear processed by grinding treatment,casting iron capstan,ground shaft and gearbox transmission instead of link or belt transmission.These design highly increase the rigidness of stranding cage,the strength of transmission system,the cage rotation speed and the producing efficiency.
  • Synchronous stranding function:According to different stranding requirement,the cage with different bobbins can combine freely.Every cage can set with synchronous pipe to strand more wires,whichis realize the multifunction of one machine.
  • Accrate synchronization of ground shaft transmission:Once the gear ratio of gearbox is set,the strict proportional relation between cage rotating speed and the haul-off speed is fixed and the stranding pitch synchronization of every cage and easy operation electric control system.


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