Planetary Cabling Machine 630/1+6+12 With Hysteresis Tension

Planetary Cabling Machine 630/1+6+12 With Hysteresis Tension

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name: CAPSTIAN
Model Number:JLY630/6+12
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Min Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:Standard Sea Worthy Package
Delivery Time:100 days
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P
Supply Ability:25 sets per month
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Planetary Cabling Machine 630/1+6+12 With Hysteresis Tension


The equipment is mainly used for the cable forming of insulated core wires such as copper, aluminum, steel strand, control cable, signal cable and small-size plastic cable, and has the function of winding at the same time.

It is composed of PLC program control + touch screen + variable frequency speed regulation control + pneumatic control. The synchronous performance deviation of the equipment from start-up, normal operation, slow shutdown, emergency stop and other states shall not exceed 3%, so as to ensure the stability of the winch pitch. The whole machine is operated and controlled by man-machine interface color touch screen. The electrical system is advanced.

There is no hard transmission connection between the cage bodies, between the cage body and the traction, and there is no impact of the transmission chain caused by the asynchronous inertia of the cage body. The stranded pitch of bare wire can be adjusted arbitrarily without pitch blind area. Stranded cables shall be arranged smoothly. Double wheel natural split traction to avoid scratching and turning over of cables in the traction process. The unit operates by itself according to the setting. Convenient operation and reliable.

2. Main Character

  • Back-twist method: Sun & planetary gear mechanism.
  • The non-axle thimble twisting cage is equipped with mechanism friction tension control.
  • The transmission shafts link all the machine parts together to keep stable stranding pitch, which can also be chosen frequency synchronization to control the machine.
  • The machine is widely used, and manipulated conveniently with low-noise.

3. Main parameter of planetary stander 6+12

  • Input wire diameter: Copper Ø 1.5-5.0mm
  • Aluminum: Ø 1.8-5.0mm
  • Insulate core: Ø 0.9-3.6mm
  • Steel:Ø 3.0-13mm
  • Max stranding OD:    Ø45mm
  • Max rotation speed:   70r /min
  • Strand pitch:   20-500mm (stepless adjustable)
  • Traction line speed: 35m/min
  • 6 bobbin motor power: 30KW(AC)
  • 12 bobbin motor power:  37KW(AC)
  • Capstan motor power: 22KW(AC)
  • Take-up motor power: 5.5KW(AC)
  • Pay-off bobbin size in cage:PND500-PND630
  • Capstan wheel size: Ø 1000mm
  • Central pay-off size:PND500
  • Take-up bobbin size:PN1000-PN2000
  • Machine center high:1000mm
4. Main brand of planetary 6+12
  • Bearing brand:(HRB.)
  • Low voltage appliance brand:(SCHNEIDER)
  • Brand of pneumatic component:(AIRTAC)
  • Brand of main drive motor:(SHENGLING)
  • Take-up motor brand:(SHENGLING)
  • Frequency conversion controller:(INOVANCE)
  • Touch screen:(SIEMENS)

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