High speed CLY1400/1+3 Core Laying up Machine Separate Motor Driving Form

High speed CLY1400/1+3 Core Laying up Machine Separate Motor Driving Form

Model NO.: CLY1400/1+3
Produce wire: insulated wire
Origin: Ningbo, China
HS Code: 8479400000
Production Capacity:100sets Per Yeay
Transport Package: Seaworthy Packing
Warranty:12 Months
Type: High-speed cablling Machine
After-sales Service:Online/on plant
Driven Type: individual motor
Manufacturer: CAPSTIAN
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High speed CLY1400/1+3 Core Laying up Machine Separate Motor Driving Form

1. Application:

This machine is mainly used for 3-core, 4-core power cable round or fan-shaped stranding. The equipment is composed of PLC program control, touch screen, frequency control and pneumatic control. The synchronous performance deviation of the equipment from the start-up, normal operation, slow stop, emergency stop and other states shall not exceed 3%, so as to ensure the stable pitch. The electric control system is advanced, easy to operate and reliable. The Φ 1250 type three disc cage with support structure of front and rear large bearings instead of the traditional supporting wheel structure, which is more suitable for high-speed rotation and improves production efficiency

2. The main technical parameters

  • inter line dia:Φ6-Φ30 mm
  • Strand cage max rotation speed:50r/min
  • Max lay-up diameter:Φ80mm
  • Lay-up pitch:190-1000mm (stepless adjustable)
  • Non-metal Taping head rotation speed:    650r/min 
  • Non-metal Taping head pitch:    16-269mm (stepless adjustable)
  • Metal taping head:    600r/min
  • Metal taping head pitch:    14-236mm (stepless adjustable)
  • Traction line max speed:    50m/min
  • Capstan force:    1600kg
  • Main motor power:     37kw(AC)
  • Pay-off frame in cage:    PN1400
  • Central Pay-off size:    PN1250
  • Take-up frame:    PN1250- PN 2500
  • Take-up motor    :5.5kw (AC)
  • Taping machine motor:    18.5KW(AC)
  • Main cage motor power:    45KW(AC)
  • Metal taping head motor power:    18.5KW(AC)
  • Non-metal Taping head motor power:    11KW(AC)
3. Main components
  • 1250 rotation central pay-off rack
  • 3/1400 bobbin stranding cage
  • Double die holder
  • Φ600 Double head non-metal taping machine
  • Φ600 Double head metal  taping machine
  • Meter counter
  • TQD1600 pneumatic caterpillar 
  • Φ2500 portal take up and arrange line rack
  • Electronic control system
  • Safety protection device
  • Transmission system

4. Eectrical control system

  • The electric control part is composed of operation cabinet, touch screen, etc., and each unit is equipped with corresponding control buttons such as emergency stop, inching, brake release, etc., which is convenient for operation.
  • The control cabinet is designed with good mechanical performance and dust-proof performance, and is equipped with an appropriate amount of forced ventilation fan.
  • The power supply is three wire five phase system 460V(±10%)60HZ。
  • Total installed power 110KW
  • The motor is designed with the function of preventing the motor from being damaged due to overload.
  • The alarm fault information can be queried online on the touch screen or Ethernet, with the function of alarm fault storage, and the historical operation information can be set to be deleted only by personnel with management authority.
  • All driving motors are designed with encoders, and the encoder feedback operates in the closed-loop control system.
  • The unit adopts PLC for unified and coordinated control operation. Touch screen man-machine interface is adopted for operation. Simple and convenient operation
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