High Speed 1250/1+1+3 Cradle Type Laying-up Machine

High Speed 1250/1+1+3 Cradle Type Laying-up Machine

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High Speed 1250/1+1+3 Cradle Type Laying-up Machine


Used for cabling the multi core , rubber cables, plastic power cables, telephone cables, control cables, PVC cables, XLPE cables with or without steel armouring, mining cables, low and medium low voltage power cables.

Equipment characteristics

  • The programmable controller and touch screen of the machine control the start, operation and synchronous rotation of motors of all parts of the machine. The pitch is set on the human-machine interface, which is accurate, fast and convenient.
  •  (Patented products) The 1000 type triple drum winch adopts a double support structure with large front and rear bearings to replace the traditional supporting wheel structure, which is more suitable for stable high-speed rotation, no noise, and effectively improves production efficiency.
Manufacture feature of CAPSTIAN laying-up machine:
  • the rear support of the pay off frame of the main winch cage is of quadrangular structure, welded by steel plates and tempered to reduce the mechanical load, increase the bearing strength and avoid deformation and cracking over time.
  • the main shaft adopts large-diameter thick wall seamless steel pipe, and the whole shaft has no joint, which fully meets the bearing requirements, improves concentricity and reduces the failure rate.
  • the connection between the pay off frame and the support frame adopts plug-in structure, which is more convenient for transportation, disassembly and maintenance.
  • the front support adopts large bearings and eliminates the old-fashioned tugboat structure, which effectively improves the running speed, maintenance free, zero failure rate and increases the bearing strength.
  • the pay off frame adopts steel plate butt welding, calculates the most reasonable modeling structure according to the stress situation, combines perfect tempering and overall processing and manufacturing process, ensures accuracy, makes the failure rate lower, stronger durability, and is suitable for high-speed bearing operation.
  •  the reinforced super large independent brake disc is equipped with powerful brake caliper, which is firmly connected with the main engine, with large action diameter and good braking effect.
  • the machine does not support the tugboat, so there is no maintenance and noise, and the contradiction between the lubrication and braking of the tugboat is also solved.
  •  with the improvement of the overall structure, some details have also been optimized to make the cable run more smoothly, bend less and operate more conveniently.
  • the overall frame type armor mounting head is processed as a whole after tempering and processed by dynamic balance. It runs smoothly and has a low failure rate. The armor mounting head is equipped with an automatic tension adjustment device, so that the tension from the full tray to the shallow tray is uniform and no manual adjustment is required.
  •  pneumatic crawler traction is adopted to make the cable not bent, easy to take the lead, easy to operate, and intuitive and adjustable pressing force.

1.Q: Where is your factory located? 

A: Our factory is located in HEJIAN CITY, HEBEI PROVINCE, CHINA, we are near Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang air port, and CANGZHOU WEST high-speed railway station. 

2.Q: What is the advantage about your company? 

A: Our company has skilled technical engineer and workers and professional production line. 

3.Q: Why should l choose your products? 

A: We are direct manufacturer, we can supply high quality products with competitive price. 

4.Q: The logo and the color can be customized? 

A: Yes, we welcome you to sample custom. 

5.Q: Any other good service your company can provide? 

A: Yes,we can provide good after-sale and fast delivery. lf you have any other questions, please contact us

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