315/48 Disk / Planar Type Screening&Shielding Machine

315/48 Disk / Planar Type Screening&Shielding Machine

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Disc type copper wire screening machine cable stranding machine

1. Main Parts:

  •  1600mm Ground column type pay-off stand           
  • #-shape guiding stand                                  
  •  315/48B cage                                        
  •  Wire die holder                                     
  •  Longitudinal taping device                                          
  •  Meter counter                                       
  • 2000kg Caterpillar                                       
  • 2500 column take-up & traversing       
  •  Electrical control system  
2.Main Parameter:
  • Max. OD of center cable: 60mm
  • Copper wire diameter: 0.5-2.0mm
  • Pay-off size: PN800-1600
  • Max. rotating speed of 48B cage: 100r/min
  • Screening pitches: 50-1000mm
  • Max. Rotating speed of non-metallic taping head: 750r/min
  • Max. haul-off force: 2000kg
  • Max.Haul-o ff line speed: 40m/min
  • Motor power : 45kW (AC motor)
  • Caterpillar motor power: 11KW(AC motor)
  • Take-up size: PN1250-2500

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