CLY-1250/3+2 Cradle Type Cabling Machine/ Laying Up Machine
  • CLY-1250/3+2 Cradle Type Cabling Machine/ Laying Up Machine
  • CLY-1250/3+2 Cradle Type Cabling Machine/ Laying Up Machine

CLY-1250/3+2 Cradle Type Cabling Machine/ Laying Up Machine

Model: CLY-1250/3+2
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P, Etc.
Delivery Time: 120 Days
Place Of Origin: China
Shipping: By Sea
HS Code:8479400000
Container Load: 2x40HC
Warranty Period:12 Months
Usage: Stranding
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
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CLY-1250/3+2 Cradle Type Cabling Machine/ Laying Up Machine

1. Application: 

The machine is mainly used for cabling 3 to 7 core wires. It manufactures both back-twist round cable and sector shaped cables without back-twist. Also this type machine can be used for telephone cable, control cable, mine cable, plastic cable and crosslinked cable. Non metal wrapping and metal armoring could be done all the same time with stranding.

2. Main parameter

  • Model: 1250mm 1600mm 2000mm
  • Inlet wire Dia.(mm): 8-40mm, 10-60mm, 15-70mm
  • laid up Dia.(mm): 80
  • Frame rotation speed(r/min): 13.9-33.1rpm
  • Lay-up Pitch(mm): 181-3198 
  • Taping speed(r/min):188-419
  • Taping pitch(mm): 14.3-236
  • capstan Dia.(mm):2000
  • linear Speed(m/min): 6.00-44.41 mpm
  • The main winch is of conical structure, which is suitable for cable core releasing without bending, scratching or fan turning. It is composed of gearbox, main shaft, support plate, pay off frame, electric pre twisting device, untwisting device, filling device, brake device, tug and base.
  • You can untwist round wires or sector wires without untwisting
  • The main winch wire rack adopts electric pre twisting without stopping, which can adjust the pre twisting state of the wire core in real time online under the running state.
  • The tension of the reel in the pay off frame is the mechanical friction tension of the large-diameter friction disc. The tension is provided by the mutual friction between the brake disc and the chain type damping belt. The tension is adjusted manually to meet the tension range required in the pay off process
  • The pay off tray is made of high-quality plates by assembly and welding, with reasonable design, high overall structural strength and thick appearance 
  • The hanging plate is end shaft type, and the wireless handle controls the clamping and loosening of the wire plate by remote control. The double top pins extend and retract at the same time to ensure that the wire plate is in the middle of the pay off frame. The clamping device is equipped with mechanical over force protection and electronic detection in place protection
  • The brake of the main engine adopts large-diameter pneumatic butterfly brake disc with multiple groups of brakes. The brake is efficient and stable. The brake disc is separated from the support disc, which effectively solves the contradiction between the brake and the tugboat lubrication.
  • The front and rear support plates of the main winch are respectively supported by tugs. The tugs are placed in the bin shaped support seat and fixed by the underframe. The tug seat can be manually adjusted by the screw rod through the processing plane of the underframe. The tugboat is made of polymer material, which can effectively control the running noise and eliminate the low-frequency vibration during the running, so as to improve the overall running condition
  • The front brake disc of the main engine is equipped with 12 groups of filling frames to meet the filling requirements during the cabling process.
  • The main winch is 6-stage variable speed, linked with the main transmission ground shaft, with left-right and neutral functions. The gear box of the main engine adopts hard tooth surface grinding gear, and the lubricating oil pump is used for forced oil supply and spray lubrication.
  • The winch reducer box is equipped with monitoring device, which can feed back signals to PLC controller in real time, provide operation status, speed and other values, and monitor the transmission system fault of the whole machine and give an alarm in time.


  • why should you buy from us not from other suppliers? 40 year R&D working experience with over sea service
  • big LV/MV cable project over 5 million working experience
  • After service team has 30 country working experience
  • CAPSTIAN  team focus on the cable making and use solution supply chain.

what services can we provide?

  • Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW, Express Delivery;
  • Accepted Payment Currency:USD,EUR,CNY;
  • Accepted Payment Type: T/T,L/C, Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union, Cash;
  • Language Spoken :English, Chinese

After service

  • Delivery dates:120 days
  • Payment: TT or L/C
  • Packing: Plastic packing to ensure the goods safety on the transportation.
  •  Install and training service: 2 professional engineers who has over 5 years overseas install and cable manufacture training experience.
  • After service phone number online
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