CLY-1000/1+6 Bobbin Cable Laying-up Machine
  • CLY-1000/1+6 Bobbin Cable Laying-up Machine
  • CLY-1000/1+6 Bobbin Cable Laying-up Machine
  • CLY-1000/1+6 Bobbin Cable Laying-up Machine
  • CLY-1000/1+6 Bobbin Cable Laying-up Machine

CLY-1000/1+6 Bobbin Cable Laying-up Machine

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CAPSTIAN
Model Number: 100/1+6
Warranty:12 Months
Voltage:380V 50HZ
Wire type: Multi-core Sheathed Wire
Central pay-off bobbin: PN1000
Take-up bobbin: PN2500
Payment: 30% as deposit, 70% balance
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CLY-1000/1+6 Bobbin Cable Laying-up Machine 

1. Application
This machine is widely used in the various sections of the 7 cores, four core, five core plastic power cables, XLPE cable (cross-linked polyethylene cable) and armored cable. The shape of the wire core can be round-shaped, fan-shaped and W-shaped.
This machine is advanced performance, strong practicability, beautiful appearance and easy operation.

2.​ Main Parts

  • 6 bobbin 1000mm Stranding cage
  • Closing wire die holder
  • Mechanical meter counter
  • Non-metallic taping machine
  • Metallic taping machine
  • Flat belt type haul-off system
  • 2000mm Column type take-up with traversing
  • Driving system
  • Electrical control system
  • Safe fence
3. Main parameter of laying up machine
  • Single wire diameter: Ø 10- Ø 30mm
  • Max strand diameter: Ø 50mm
  • Strand pitch range:1000-3000mm 
  • Cage max rotation speed:50r/min 
  • Non-metal Taping head max rotation speed:650r/min
  • Non-metal Taping head pitch:16~269mm
  • Max traction force:1600kg
  • Take-up bobbin size:PN1000~PN2000
  • Center Pay-off bobbin size:PN1000
  • Main motor power:37KW(AC variable frequency motor)
  • Non-metal Taping motor power:11KW(AC variable frequency motor)
  • Caterpillar motor power:15KW(AC variable frequency motor)
  • Take-up motor:5.5KW(AC variable frequency motor)
4. Main parameter of stranding cage
  • Pay-off reel specification: PN1000
  • Maximum load capacity: 3T
  • Maximum speed of stranding: 50r/min
  • Reel frame untwist speed: 50r/min
  • Power of stranding rotating motor: 37KW (AC variable frequency motor)
  • The 1+6 winch cage is composed of a Ø 1000 separate wire reel frame and Φ 1000 is composed of three winch cages.
  • The 1000 single wire reel frame is a cradle type front and rear double support structure, and the wire core on the wire reel is threaded through the hinge main shaft. Through the manual clutch, you can Φ 1000 Three-disc winch can rotate synchronously or be fixed to realize untwisted round wire, untwisted fan-shaped wire and parking operation.
  • The 1000 three-reel winch is supported by both front and rear bearing blocks. The wire reel frame is evenly distributed on the same circumference and is arranged in a conical structure. The inlet and outlet ends are supported by self-aligning roller bearings. The main shaft is made of high-quality seamless steel pipe, and the large and small pressure plates are connected with the main shaft by the combination of flat keys and expansion sleeves. Large pressure plates are welded and annealed. It is driven by a separate AC variable frequency motor with a slow positioning drive device, variable frequency control, and has a left and right rotation function. The planetary gear train mechanism can realize untwisted twisted circular line, untwisted twisted sector line and parking operation.
  • All wire reels are welded parts, which are manually clamped and loosened by end shaft, with mechanical locking protection function.
  • Mechanical friction control of paying-off tension and manual adjustment of tension.
  • Pneumatic brake.The outgoing end of 1000 six-reel winch is equipped with 12 filling rope pay-off frames

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