Bow Type Stranding Machines 1250/1+3 Individual Motor Driving

Bow Type Stranding Machines 1250/1+3 Individual Motor Driving

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:BEYDE
Model Number:GJJ-1250/1+3
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details: Seaworthy Packing For Export
Delivery Time: 90 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P
Supply Ability: 30 sets per month
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Bow Type Stranding Machines 1250/1+3 Individual Motor Driving 

1. Application:

The skip stranding machine is used for stranding 1+3 structure conductor, and the conductor from 15 sqmm to 100 sqmm aluminum and copper 1+3 conductor.

2.Main technical parameters

2.1 Single core insulation outer diameter                                              4-20mm

2.2 max lay-up diameter                                                                      Φ60mm

2.3 strand bow speed                                                                            160r/min

2.4 max traction line speed                                                                  160m/min

2.5 traction mold                                                                                   2500kg

2.6 pay off bobbin size                                                                          PN1600

2.7 take up bobbin size                                                                           PN1250-PN2500

2.8 main motor power                                                                           55kW(AC)

2.9 take up motor power                                                                       5.5KW

2.10 control system                                                                              touch screen,PLC

3. Component of bow twister 1250/1+3

3.1 PN1250central pay off                                                                     1set

3.2 1250/4 reel strand cage                                                                  1 set

3.3 assembling die holder                                                                  1 set

3.4 mechanic  meter counter                                                            1 set

3.6 caterpillar pneumatic traction                                                    1 set

3.7 2500portal take up                                                                        1 set

3.8 electric control system                                                                 1 set

3.9 transmission system                                                                     1 set

3.10 Box type enclosed safety cover                                                1 set


4. Main Feature of BEYDE Bow type laying-up machine

  • Bow type laying up machine working with back twist movement to lay up from 2 to 6 cores of ABC aerial cables, control cable or power cable.
  • This bow type laying up machine can use either dual wheel pulling capstan for medium size cables or haul off caterpillar for larger size power cables.
  • Main rotor, pulling capstan(or caterpillar)and take up unit are independently driven by AC servo motors.
  • HMI+PLC control system for pre-setting laying up pitch and speed synchronization with the take up unit .
  • Tension control done through band brakes manually adjustable.
  • Additional tension control system consisting in powder brakes.
  • The set is complete with an automatic electrical compensation control. In order to keep the tension constant when going from full bobbin to empty bobbin
  • Optional yarn filler plate, design for a maximum of 24 pieces of fling bobbins.
  • Optional non-woven fabric tapping unit, designed for a max 3 unit of tape pads

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