80+90mm Photovoltaic PV Wire Tandem Cable Extrusion Line
  • 80+90mm Photovoltaic PV Wire Tandem Cable Extrusion Line
  • 80+90mm Photovoltaic PV Wire Tandem Cable Extrusion Line

80+90mm Photovoltaic PV Wire Tandem Cable Extrusion Line

Name:PV Solar Cable Extruder Machine
Usage:PV solar Energy cable wire Insulation & sheath extruding, suitable for TUV and UL standard
Finished diameter:4-8mm
Extruder Material: XLPO
Brand Name: CAPSTIAN
Voltage: 380/415/440/220V
Production time: 50 days
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80+90mm Photovoltaic PV Wire Tandem Cable Extrusion Line 

1. Application: Tandem Extrusion line solar pv cable in dual or triple layer extrusion, the same machine can be used for various applications like building wire, power cable, electrical cable automotive wires by changing the screw and by making small adjustments.

2. Electric Control System:
1. The whole production line adopts Siemens S7-200 Siemens touch screen control, which can reflect the production line status in real time;
2. The operation screen adopts a separate cantilever screen;
3. From the power distribution cabinet to the take-up is equipped with a complete machine cable bridge, the bridge adopts overhead installation, with wire storage column;
3. Control: automatic and manual control, main engine, traction can be synchronous linkage, single action; The traction can be single action and linkage;
4. Heating: Machine heating solid-state relay, crosshead heating contactor, temperature adopts PLC module (strong electrical isolation measures need to be considered);
5. Display: parameters such as the speed, current, voltage, traction speed, current, voltage, wire diameter and wire diameter curve of the extruder;
6. Alarm: drive failure alarm, temperature out of control alarm, fan alarm, main motor overload alarm, spark alarm, lack of material alarm, all alarm information needs to be displayed on the touch screen.


3. Solar cable production process:

  • Step 1: two step for product solar cable
  • 80mm Insulation Extruder machine
  • Conductor: 2.5-6mm2
  • finished diameter: 3-6mm
  • Output:  180kg/hr (without crosshead, XLPO )
  • speed:200m/min
  • 90mm Sheathing Extruder machine
  • Core: 2.5-6mm2
  • finished diameter: 4-8mm
  • Output:  240kg/hr (without crosshead, XLPO )
  • speed:15-150m/min
  • Step 2: one step for product solar cable
  • 80mm+90mm Extrusion line for solar cable one step
  • core diameter: 2.5-6mm
  • finished diameter: 4-8mm
  • speed:12-150m/min
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