630/18+1B Tube Twisting Machine Tubular Strander
  • 630/18+1B Tube Twisting Machine Tubular Strander
  • 630/18+1B Tube Twisting Machine Tubular Strander

630/18+1B Tube Twisting Machine Tubular Strander

The unit is designed with large bearing type, and the operation is stable and reliable. The design structure is 12 + 1, and the central pay off is placed at the front end of the 12 disc winch to reduce the threading distance, so that the central cable is not easy to bend. The integrated thin oil lubrication system does not need a single oil tank.

The machine adopts PLC and touch screen of human-machine interface to coordinate the electrical working state of all parts of the machine. The electric control system is advanced in technology, convenient in operation and reliable in operation
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630/18+1B Tube Twisting Machine Tubular Strander


This machine is mainly used for stranding 8-strand steel wire ropes and wires. The appearance of the unit has been planned and designed by a professional technical team, breaking the conventional production process, with an atmospheric appearance, stable high-speed operation, and low noise.

After multiple models and multiple productions, combined with the actual test results of the user end, and on the basis of accumulating multiple experiences, both parties have conducted various optimizations on individual parts in the later stage. The specific details are described below.

 2.Main parameter of steel wire stranding machine

  • Single wire diameter:Ø1.0- 5.0mm 
  • Max strand diameter:Ø 15mm
  • Single  wire pass hole diameter:Ø 20mm
  • Core wire pass hole diameter:Ø30mm
  • Strand pitch range: 20-100mm  
  • Cage max rotation speed:300r/min
  • capstan line speed range:15-85m/min
  • capstan wheel diameter:  Ø 1600+ Ø 1600mm(horizontal two wheel single active)
  • Bobbin size in cage :Ø 500 (buyer drawing standard)
  • Take-up bobbin size:Ø 2500(buyer drawing standard)
  • Pay-off bobbin size:Ø 1250(buyer drawing standard)
  • Main motor power:75KW(AC)
  • Capstan motor power:37KW(AC)

3.  Main components:

  • Ø 1250 pay-off frame
  • Ø 500/18 bobbins strand cage
  • Assembling die holder
  • Rear straightener
  • Ø 1600+ Ø 1600  double wheel capstan device
  • Ø 2500end shaft take-up and traverse frame
  • Electrical control system
  • Safety protection system  

4. Advantages: 

  • Double big bearing supporting: adopting the big bearing supporting the stranding tubes which high increase the production efficiency, and ensure the machines smooth running and low noise and long working life.
  • Convenient bobbin clamping: adopting spring to clamp bobbins automatically and pneumatically loose bobbins with mechanical locking.
  • Wires breaking protection: with wires breaking protection function.


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