5 x1250mm Pay-off 2500mm Granty Take-up Drum Twister Machine

5 x1250mm Pay-off 2500mm Granty Take-up Drum Twister Machine

Model: 4xPN1250+1X2500 +2500
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P, Etc.
Delivery Time:140 Days
Place Of Origin: China
Port Of Loading:China
Shipping:By Sea
HS Code:8479400000
Container Load:4*40HQ+3*40OT+4*40FR
Warranty Period:12 Months
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5 x1250mm Pay-off 2500mm Granty Take-up Drum Twister Machine


Drum Twister 3150mm 4000mm Wire and Cable Production line is used for laying-up of large section, long length power cables. The line is used for steel wires armoring of power cables too.the line is for laying-up of pre-spiral or non-pre-spiral cable cores and Milliken cable. This is our fist product with top quality in China and also price is very competitive.


1 The line is controlled by PLC for regulating, starting, operating and synchronization of respective electric motors. The electrical control system is advanced, easy and reliable operation.

2 Independent motor driven is used for rotating pay-off stands, taping heads, and belt caterpillar respectively, the lay length is precision and stable. Independent motor-driven rotating pay-off stands rotate synchronously with rotating take-up can also rotate independently. Rotating take-up stand is supported by under rollers enhanced structure rigidity, reliability, and stability of rotation. The line is provided with various protection measures and auto-stop function if there is any fault, easy and reliable operation.


  • High production efficiency: adopting new fork type structure for central rotary pay-off and rotary take-up machines, and hydraulic lifting platform for drums loading or unloading, this designing will enhance the rotating speed and shorten loading or unloading time.
  • Easy setting for traversing: the traversing pitches can be set, revised and displayed on the touch screen.
  •  Rollers supporting: rotary take-up adopting rollers supporting, which can increase the rigidness and reliability of machines running.
  •  Perfect safety protection system: adopting horizontal protection for pay-off and take-up machines, resetting protection for hydraulic lifting platform, over running protection for traversing, tape broken or finished protection for taping machines, safety protection covers, air pressure shortage protection, power off protection and so on.
  •  Advanced electric control system: the rotary pay-off machines, taping machines, caterpillar haul-off machine, take-up machine and traversing adopting AC motors and inverter control, imported PLC to control and coordinate the whole production line, to ensure the synchronous running and the accuracy stranding pitches. Imported 10.4 inch colorful touch screen to set and display the whole line technical data.

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