400/48 Bobbin Steel Wire Armouring Machine
  • 400/48 Bobbin Steel Wire Armouring Machine
  • 400/48 Bobbin Steel Wire Armouring Machine
  • 400/48 Bobbin Steel Wire Armouring Machine

400/48 Bobbin Steel Wire Armouring Machine

Place of Origin: China
Model Number:JLY-400/48
Usage:Stranding and armouring
Warranty:1 Year
After-sales service:Online Support all life
Payment: 30%+70% T/T
Manufacturer: BEYDE
Voltage:380 voltage
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Min Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details: Standard Sea Worthy Package
Delivery Time: 100 days
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400/48 Bobbin Steel Wire Armouring Machine.

1. Application:

The machine is mainly used for single-layer armor of steel wire and copper wire shielding of less than 48 wire. It also has the function of winding metal wrapping and non-metal wrapping.

2. Main parameter of 400/54 steel wire armouring machine

  • Max OD before armoring: Φ60mm
  • Steel wire diameter: Φ0.8-4.0mm Steel,
  • Rotation speed :23.83-53.01r/min
  • Line speed: 3.981-30.073m/min
  • Armoring pitch:75.1-1262mm
  • Taping machine speed:450r/min
  • Pay-off bobbin size in cage:  PN500
  • Pay-off bobbin size out cage: PN2500
  • Take-up bobbin size:PN2500
  • Capstan wheel dia. :Φ2000mm
  • Cage rotation motor power:55KW
  • Machine center high:1000mm
3. Main components of planetary steel wire armouring machine
  • 2500mm portal  pay-off rack
  • # type through wire frame
  • 48/500 main cage
  • Assembling die holder
  • Φ400/ 2 taping head
  • Meter counter 
  • Φ2000mm dual wheel capstan
  • 2500mm portal take-up and traverse line rack
  • Mechanical transmission system
  • Electrical control system
  • Safety fence
4. Main technical parameter of stranding cage
  • Size of pay off reel in cage: PN500
  • Speed range of winch cage: 23.83 ~ 53.01r/min
  • Steel wire armor pitch range: 75.1 ~ 1262mm
  • The main winch gearbox is a six-stage gearbox,
  • with hard tooth surface gears in the gearbox, left-right and neutral functions, and forced lubrication of oil pump motor.
  • The cage is composed of gearbox, seamless tube hollow spindle, winch, wire reel frame, pneumatic brake device, etc. the main machine is connected by large-diameter pipe, and the support disc is supported by multi-section tugboat, with good overall rigidity and stable operation. A new type of gear untwisting mechanism is installed behind the winch. The untwisting is realized through this mechanism, which has the characteristics of small gear clearance and low failure rate.
  • Tension band is used to adjust the tension of wire reel frame in the cage, which can keep the tension of core wire released from each cradle stable and balanced; The center of the reel adopts a threaded structure, the screw sleeve is equipped with a rolling bearing, the rolling bearing supports the center, the threaded sleeve is flexible, and is equipped with a mechanical locking mechanism. The upper and lower reels are convenient and fast.
  • The front end of the stranding cage is equipped with 48 monofilament pre deformation devices to prefabricate the stranding pitch and improve the cable quality.
  • Tungsten steel mould shall be adopted for all wire nozzles.
  •  Disc pneumatic brake is adopted for the main winch brake, and multiple groups of brakes act at the same time to ensure efficient and stable braking.

What can we provide?
  • Professional and customized wire and cable solutions
  • Suggestions and guidance of the overall cable factory operation
  • Overseas on-site installation and operation instruction
  • Cost accounting service of raw materials and accessories
  • Cost accounting service of overall production operation
  • Talent delivery and training service
  • Lifetime after-sales online consultation service
  • Maintenance, reconstruction and upgrade services of the overall equipment
  • Additional support, such as raw material or accessories supply and suggestions, etc.
What our service?
  • Time of Delivery: within 120 days from the date of down payment receipt.
  • Quotation base: EXW Price
  • HS code: 84794000
  • Condition of machine: 100% new, with the quantity and quality according to contract.
  • Country of original and manufacturer: BEYDE TRADING --- CHINA
  • Packing : To be packed in containers, suitable for long distance sea transportation and secured against change of climate and shock
  • Warrant time: 12 months after installation
  • Way of Transportation: By Sea( factory near Tianjin Seaport)
  • The seller shall provide installation service, lifelong free remote technical guidance, and cost price supply of wearing parts
  • When the machine arrives at the customer's factory, the seller sends engineers to install it, or a local agent is responsible for the installation. The buyer is responsible for transportation, food, and accommodation, and provides engineers with a daily wage of $100.
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