300/1+12 Tubular Closer for Galvanize Steel Wire Rope 7x7 IWC
  • 300/1+12 Tubular Closer for Galvanize Steel Wire Rope 7x7 IWC
  • 300/1+12 Tubular Closer for Galvanize Steel Wire Rope 7x7 IWC

300/1+12 Tubular Closer for Galvanize Steel Wire Rope 7x7 IWC

Automatic Grade:Automatic
Material:Stainless Steel
Voltage:380-440 V
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CAPSTIAN
Model Number: 300/1+12
Warranty:12 Months
Wire type: Multi-core Sheathed Wire
Central pay-off bobbin: PN300
Take-up bobbin: PND630
Payment: 30% as deposit, 70% balance
More Details

Tubular Type Stranding Machine is mainly used to strand not only copper/aluminum conductor for the electric wire and cable but also the cable core, steel core, and steel rope.


This machine is mainly used for the stranding of 7-core steel wire. The appearance of the machine is designed by professionals, breaking the conventional production process, with atmospheric appearance, stable high-speed operation and low noise.After many models and multiple production, combined with the actual test results of the client, based on the accumulation of many experiences, each part is optimized. The details are described as follows. loading bobbin way: end shaft type, air breaking clamp wire plate, inflation release cable plate, pneumatic mechanical locking, interlocking of clamping and locking, safe and stable, not easy to throw out, convenient loading and unloading reel. The coil is lifted into the cradle with the help of the aerial vehicle in the workshop.

2.Main parameter of tubular strander

  • Single wire diameter:φ0.5mm-φ1.0mm
  • Max strand diameter:φ5.0mm
  • Through wire hole diameter:≥φ8mm
  • Strand pitch range:15.46mm-119.49mm(customer standard)
  • Cage max rotation speed:1200r/min
  • Cage max rotation speed with load:    1000r/min(50Hz)
  • Traction line speed range:15.46-119.49m/min
  • Traction wheel diameter:φ800+φ800mm
  • Bobbin size in cage : φ300×φ33×228mm
  • Pay-off bobbin    :φ650mm
  • Take-up bobbin size:φ800mm(customer standard)
  • Main motor power:30KW(AC)
3. Main components:
  • 650mm Central  pay-off frame
  • 12/300 bobbins strand cage
  • parallel die holder and Straightening device
  • Ø800+Ø800  double traction device
  • φ 800  end shaft type take-up and traverse frame
  • Electrical control system
  • Safety protecting system
4. Main feature:
  • the setting out of the I-shaped wheel in the cradle adopts the "hysteresis" tension device, and the tension value adopts the digital display. The tension is adjusted by the stop knob in the cradle, and the tension range is 2kg ~ 20kg. It is installed on the manual operation surface, which is convenient for micro adjustment and is not easy to fail. At the same time, the start stop switch is set, and the original value is memorized after the power is cut off and restarted (that is, the tension is adjusted after the power is cut off, and the original value is memorized after the power is turned on again).
  • the whole steel casting part of the pay off frame has high precision, high mechanical strength and durability.
  • the double protection function of "ring touch type" broken wire parking is respectively added at the outlet end of the main engine and under the side of the cylinder, which is convenient for the automatic parking after the line is broken and finished. It is easy to operate and compensate the core in time.
  • The cylinder adopts 2 + 2 + 2 three section and whole pipe bearing structure. The support frame at the pay off inlet end is supported by double row roller self-aligning bearing, and a set of thrust bearing is added to ensure the bearing capacity of axial movement of the cylinder. The middle and outlet end are supported by three groups of large bearings with flange butt joint and bearing core to connect the pipe body, which is convenient for maintenance and disassembly. The large bearing adopts cylindrical roller shaft Bearing (less rolling element)
  • new type of oil air lubrication; separate oil pump motor centralized oil supply, with cooling system, thin oil lubrication, labyrinth seal, with dual functions of lubrication and cooling, independent oil tank, underground installation, small floor area, clean working condition.
  • double automatic shutdown protection function of "high temperature early warning and flow early warning" is added to the large bearing group to avoid damaging other hardware in bad state operation and get timely maintenance.
  • the cylinder is made of thick wall steel pipe, the internal stress is eliminated before processing, and the dynamic balance is corrected after processing
  • main engine braking: two groups, two brake calipers in each group, butterfly pneumatic braking device.
  • the main machine adopts the external wiring mode, lengthening and thickening cylinder, Ø 20mm through hole, Ø 20mm core wire through hole, and equipped with multiple alloy nozzles or guide wheels, so as to make the wiring more smooth, without bending, scratching and job hopping.
5. Electric control system 
  • Power supply: three-phase five wire system, 380V (± 10%), 50Hz
  • The electric control part is composed of operation cabinet, touch screen, etc. the electric cabinet has good mechanical performance and dust-proof design, and is equipped with proper amount
  • Installation power:40kw
  • Motor protection function: the design of electrical control circuit includes: phase loss, overload, overheat protection function to prevent motor damage
  • The alarm fault information can be queried on the touch screen, with the function of alarm fault storage, and the historical operation information can be set to be deleted only by the personnel with management authority
  • All drive motors are designed with encoder, and the encoder feedback is operated in the closed-loop control system
  • The unit uses PLC to coordinate and control the operation. Touch screen human-machine interface operation is adopted. Simple and convenient operation
  • Others: on the operation side of the 12-bobbin barrel shield, there are inching and emergency stop buttons for the whole machine at the incoming end; on the middle, there are opening, closing, inching and emergency stop buttons for the shield; on the outgoing end, there are opening, closing, inching and emergency stop buttons for the shield.


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