1600/1+4 Bow cablers and skip stranders

1600/1+4 Bow cablers and skip stranders

Raw material:core wire
Wire number:3-6
Max Finished Cable Dia:75mm
Bobbin size:1000-1600mm
Description: Delivery in 90 working days
Payment: T/T,LC
Warranty time: 1 years
Max rotating speed:160r/min
Max linear spred: 160mpm
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1600/1+4 Bow cablers and skip stranders

1. Application:

The machine is mainly used for cabling 3 to 5 core wires,it manufactures both back-twist round cable and sector shaped cables without back-twist,also this type machine can be used for telephone cable,control cable,main cable,plastic cable and crosslinked cables,non metal wrapping and metal armoring could be done at the same time with stranding.

2. Feature:

  • Machines with powerful performance, Simple machine and economical solutions.
  • 630mm type machine has good performance and can be used to manufacture products such as AAAC and ACSR, as well as to manufacture high carbon steel strands in low relaxation production lines and ropes.
  • Prepare a wire closer for wire spools with a diameter of 1000 to 1600 mm to form an ABC cable and use it as a wire closer. Filler discs can be added to the spool or coil.
  • Equipped with different tension control systems, from standard mechanical brakes with sensitive arms to electric systems with torque control or through slack adjusters.

3. General features for core Laying-up:

  • Bobbins Dia .:1000, 1250, 1600,mm.
  • Typical configurations: 1 + 3, 1 + 4, 1 + 5.
  • Conductor sections: from 6 to 300 mm2.
  • Rotation speed: 160 to 300 rpm depending the bobbin size.
  • Linear speed: up to 200 m / min.
4. Auxiliary machines for Bow cablers and skip stranders
  • Pay-offs in different construction types: Static, columns, self-traversing, forks, portal, on rollers, …
  • Fillers on a disc from bobbins or coils.
  • Forming stands.
  • Capstans and caterpillars.
  • Guards and protection systems to fulfil the safety requirements.
  • Non-metallince and metallic taping heads.
  • Take-ups: static, columns, self-traversing, with forks, or  portal.

5. Layout of bow type laying-up machine

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