120mm Extruder Extrusion Machine Cable Sheath Line
  • 120mm Extruder Extrusion Machine Cable Sheath Line
  • 120mm Extruder Extrusion Machine Cable Sheath Line

120mm Extruder Extrusion Machine Cable Sheath Line

Model NO.:SJ-120X25
Air Condition:Ritta
Bearing: NSK
Cylinder: Airtac
Electrical Part: Siemens
Transport Package: Export Standar Packing
Trademark: CAPSTIAN
HS Code:84794000
Production Capacity: 5 set/Mont
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120mm Extruder Extrusion Machine Cable Sheath Line

This equipment is suitable for outer surface extrusion of wires and cables with insulation materials such as PVC.

2. Main parameter of 120 extruder

  • Wire core dia.: φ 15- φ 90mm
  • Sheath out dia.: φ 20- φ 100mm
  • Host machine screw rod diameter: φ 120mm
  • Screw rod L/D: 25:1
  • Main machine screw rod speed: 60r/min
  • Main machine max extrusion capacity: 440kg/h (PVC)
  • Traction device line speed: 3-80m/min
  • Max traction force: 2400kg
  • Pay off bobbin size: PN12500-PN2500
  • Take up bobbin size: PN1250-PN2500
  • Full machine total power: 205KW
3. Main components of 120 extrusion machine
  • PN2500 End shift type pay off machine
  • Five wheel tension device
  • SJ-120/25 extruder host
  • Machine head( φ 100mm)
  • Automatic drying and feeding system
  • 20m fixed stainless steel cooling water tank+3m movable sink
  • Blow Drying device
  • 2400kg flat belt pneumatic caterpillar (10 pairs of cyclinders)
  • PN2500 End shift type take-up and traverse line machine
  • Electrical control system of unit
4. Electrical control characteristics
  • The control system is based on PLC, and PLC sends out control instructions. PLC completes the single action or linkage control requirements of the production line, and realizes the monitoring of the operation status and operation parameters of the production line
  • The software package of control system has the function of uploading and downloading all kinds of cable production process formula, and can download the corresponding control formula parameters according to the cable parameters to be processed
  • The control system has the function of recording and printing the operation status and alarm status of production line equipment
  • The constant tension control mode is adopted for front and rear traction to ensure the constant Online Tension of double traction. The tension can be set and modified manually
5. Equipment operation direction: right hand machine, that is, facing the equipment operation, left pay off and right take up.

6. The color of the equipment is implemented according to the user's requirement

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