1000/1+3  Tubular Strander Steel Wire Rope Making Machine

1000/1+3 Tubular Strander Steel Wire Rope Making Machine

Place of Origin:China
Model: JJ1000/4
Certification: ISO,CE
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Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details: Packing For Export
Delivery Time: 100 days
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P
Supply Ability: 20 sets per month
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1000/1+3  Tubular Strander Steel Wire Rope Making Machine

1. Application
The machine is used for stranding the copper conductor, aluminium conductor, steel rope and control cable etc.

2. Features

  • Disk type Pneumatic brake for Cage.
  • High speed and low inertia high speed and low inertia.
  • No abrasion damage when stranding.
  • Most advanced emergency stop device.
  • PLC Equipped,optional.
  • Siemens PLC control system, operating on touch screen.

3. Main parameter of tubular laying-up machine for steel wire rope

  • Single insulated diameter:Φ3-Φ10mm
  • Lay-up max OD: Φ30mm
  • Strand cage speed:  160r/min
  • Traction wheel diameter :Φ1600mm
  • Pay-off Bobbin size: PN1000(Φ1000mmx900mmxΦ80mm)
  • Take-up bobbin size: PN1000~PN2000
  • Drive motor power: 55kW(AC)
  • Take-up motor power: 5.5kW(AC)

4. Steel Wire Stranding Machine

Steel wire stranding machine as called as steel wire tubular strander, is the special machine that twist a certain number of steel wires into strands of various construction as required. Steel wire stranding machine is composed of cylinder(tube), gearing, pressing, pulling, security, collection and such main units. By variety of construction, steel wire stranding machine is divided into three types, which includes roller supported tubular strander, big bearing supported tubular strander and planetary strander (Planetary closer).

Roller supported tubular strander (roller supported tubular stranding machine) is formed by a few of cylinder body with wire loaded bobbins inside one by one in order. As releasing wires, all the bobbins should always keep horizontal motion while cylinder body rolling at high speed with the pulling power for end collection. Roller supported tubular strander can be provided 6-36 bobbins and even 48 bobbins maximum by various cylinder numbers and sizes of motor power. Since it has smaller land occupation, lower gravity center, smooth running and easy operation, roller supported tubular strander has enjoyed a majority of market for various wire stranding production during past years.

Big bearing supported tubular strander (big bearing supported tubular stranding machine) has achieved more technical improvement on basis of roller supported tubular strander, for instance, definitely higher speed without friction, vibration and noise. Further, big bearing supported strander is provided by variable-speed unit, constant tension control on bobbins, free change on lay length and such active promotion as to win higher working efficiency and strands quality.

Planetary closer is the special mode that wire loaded bobbins are all designed inside the basket-shaped tube (bobbins something like loaded in basket). There is commonly 6-8 bobbins working in planetary closer and the bobbin size is up to the loaded wire diamter and rate of motor power. Due to the slower speed with bigger motion inertia, planetary closer can produce the strands with such advantages as sufficient variant, tight constructure and less stress.

6. Steel Wire Rope Making Machine

Steel wire rope making machine is the specific machine that twist not wires but strands into ropes of various construction as required. Steel wire rope making machine also has the three mainly sorts such as roller supported tubular rope machine, big bearing supported rope machine and planetary closer machine. Steel wire rope making machine has no distinction from wire stranding machine, excepted that the former added preliminary variant, tail variant, grease painting, preliminary tension, turnover mechanism and such more auxiliary devices. The preliminary variant unit is working for making strands with same spiral state as that in rope. The tail variant unit is used to tension, compress and straighten the rope in order to release the stress, tight constructure, stabilize size and win good straightness of the rope finally. Tail variant unit is the necessary device for manufacturing qualified unloosen wire rope. Grease painting device is acted for lubrication and preventing steel wire rope from corrosion by painting grease oil on the rope surface. The preliminary tension device is used to stabilize the rope structure and control the elongation by adjusting the rolling speed of two tensioning wheels.

Manufacturers of steel wire stranding machine and steel wire rope making machine, as for roller supported tubular strander, big bearing supported tubular strander and planetary strander(planetary closer), are mainly distributed in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces nearby Shanghai. The price of steel wire rope making machine and steel wire stranding machine should be decided by customer’s different requirement order to order. WE UP started overseas export of steel wire stranding machine and steel wire rope making machine in the year of 2008 and after then has extended more partnerships to global markets and thanksfully won the satisfaction from customers abroad.

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