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How to choose tubular stranding machine?

Application and characteristics of tubular strander?

1.Equipment use:

It is mainly used for stranding and cabling all kinds of medium and low voltage power cables, communication cables, control cables and mine cables

PND400/6 Bobbin High Rotation Speed Tubular Strander

2.Performance characteristics:

The unit adopts the structure of support wheel and big bearing to support the rotating cylinder of the main engine. The tugboat adopts the structure of high density, high heat-resistant grade, good seismic performance and friction resistance. The design is relatively old. Now the international general procurement of big bearing supports, with fast operation speed and light high. The cylinder adopts the three window structure, the overall welding and stress relief technology, with good rigidity, high coaxiality and good stability. The unit base is large The whole welding of the zigzag steel and the processing of the upper and lower planes by the large milling machine can improve the assembly and installation accuracy of the unit. According to the user's requirements, the unit can adopt the structure of the large bearing supporting the rotating cylinder of the main engine, so as to improve the operation speed, operation accuracy, stability of the equipment and the service life of the bearings at both ends.

Tubular Stranding Machine PN710/8B Large Bearing Drive Separate Motor

3.Equipment configuration:

Fixed pay off rack, main machine, parallel die base, wrapping device, bearing lubrication system, meter counter, traction machine, traverse line machine, take-up machine, transmission system, safety protection system and electric control cabinet.

630/1+18 Bobbin Tubular Stranding Machine 19 Wire

4.Stranding cage characteristics:

(1).The size of bobbin includes: PN100 / PN200 / PN315 / PN400 / PN500 / PN630 / PN710 / PN800 / PN1000 / PN1250. (these are the wire reels in the cage).

(2). The cage structure includes: 1+4/1+6/1+12/1+18. there is 1+6+12,However, most of the manufacturers are unable to produce this structure, the main reason is that the problem that the center line passes through the hinge cage has not been solved, so most of the manufacturers only produce 1 + 18 instead of 1 + 6 + 12 for production 19 wire.

(3).Tension system:It includes electromagnetic tension and mechanical friction tension. In fact, there is no need to use electromagnetic tension for this simple pipe strander. First, it is expensive and second, it is difficult to maintain.

(4).PLC control system:One is the operation mode of the button, the other is the PLC man-machine automatic operation, actually there is not much difference, I think the button operation is more convenient. But with the progress of science and technology, PLC control is the mainstream development direction.Especially in large factories, Ethernet is needed to control all machines.

Tubular Strander 630(1+6) Line For Stranding (Al. Cu. St) Cables

5.Background technology:

At present, in the power transmission and transformation project of national grid, cables are usually composed of stranded wires, which are formed by transposing a single conductor. When making such stranded wires, pipe strander is usually used. The pipe strander can transpose copper wire, aluminum wire or steel wire to form stranded wire.

The output end of such a pipe winch is provided with a take-up frame, which transmits the wires wound in the traction take-up and winding device to the take-up device. The height of the traditional take-up frame is not adjustable, and the left and right adjustment amplitude of the slide block at the upper end of the take-up frame is small. In the process of turning the take-up coil of the take-up device, the traditional take-up frame cannot be adjusted in height, and the slide block of the traditional take-up frame is left and right Due to the small adjustment of the position, the coil rolled out is often disordered and irregular, and the conductor is not cut off or screwed together, which makes the conductor unqualified.

6.Technical parameter:

Tubular Stranding Machine 630/2+18+24+36 Bobbin


In fact, tubular Strander is a relatively simple machine with low cost. It is a good choice for enterprises with high output, and it saves money for new cable factories. Because of its low cost, high production efficiency, it is very popular with users. But in other daily production, although its maximum speed can reach 800 rpm, it is impossible for us to reach it in daily use This speed is very serious for the loss of the machine. The general practical range of speed is 400-500rpm, which is suitable. There are many manufacturers producing this kind of machine in China, and the quality is different. When customers choose, they must consider the history of the factory and the production quantity of the pipe winch in a year, because the more sales, the more mature its technology, the quality can be guaranteed.

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