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What machines are needed to produce house wires?

House wire is generally composed of 1 to 16 square strands of copperwire or insulated wire, which is mainly used in family life. Due to the smalldiameter range of products, not many machines are required. Next, I mainlyintroduce two schemes of hous production line;

house wire from capstian technology

Option1: Bunching- extruding-cabling- extruding.

Step 1: 630 wire bunchingmachine+120 head pay-off.

Suitablefor copper wire stranding of Power cable,Lan cable,Automatic cable,Electricalwire,Date cable,Earphone cable etc.Apply for the twisting of above seven pcs ofbare wires,tinned wires,sliver jacket wires and enameled wires etc.

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Step 2: SJ50+35Cable extruder.

Main manufacturinginner insulation layer, double layer or double color wire.

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Step 3: 800-1000 cantileversingle twisting machine.

Equipment usage: Thismachine is generally used for PVC, PE cable, power line, coaxial cable, SJT,SVT cable stranding. The stranding pitch isset at 30 ~ 200 mm, which is controlled by rsc-401 stranding distance meter to realize the effect of stable stranding distance and convenient adjustment.

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Step 4. SJ70 Cable extruder.

The unit is suitable for sheathing wire and cable by hot extrusion of thermoplastic cable materials such as polyvinyl chloride(PVC), low-smoke and halogen-free.

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